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Why Data-Driven Marketers Should Be Automating Everything – Including Events: Peter Micciche, CEO of Certain

In an article on MarTech Advisor, Certain CEO Peter Micciche explains the significance of event automation over event management in the context of data-driven marketing and accelerating the sales cycle.

This year many businesses will face a moment when they must adapt to the rapidly changing digital landscape and evolving customer behaviors or risk getting left behind. The same concept applies to marketers in their roles – either marketers develop a skill-set that supports a digital, data-driven approach in their business, or they will struggle to stay relevant.

Using manual processes or failing to be guided by data insights slows marketers down and leaves them unable to target customers in a meaningful, effective way and prove ROI on marketing spend. Savvy marketers are realizing that when automation provides access to real-time data insights, this paves the way to succeeding in their roles, explaining why marketing automation and campaign management tops the list of the five technologies marketers predict will be the most purchased this year (57%).

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