The Event Intelligence Playbook

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Event marketing can account for a sizable piece of a company’s marketing budget, so this type of expenditure naturally draws a lot of scrutiny from CFOs and CEOs. Event marketers must prove return on investment (ROI) to secure funds for future marketing endeavors. Before the advent of robust digital event technology, collecting event data to support ROI was more challenging.

There was a greater dependence on analog data, requiring more manual labor and greater cooperation from event attendees. Inevitably the quality of the data collected could range widely, and attributing outcomes to specific touchpoints within an event could be impossible.

More About The Event Intelligence Playbook

This playbook outlines the five steps to increase and prove event ROI.

  • Step 1: Define your event goals & success metrics
  • Step 2: Identify the right attribution model to make your event data truly actionable
  • Step 3: Get teams aligned around event data
  • Step 4: Unify & visualize your event data
  • Step 5: Maximize ROI with event intelligence

Download the Event Intelligence Playbook now to see how you can successfully measure the impact of your events and increase ROI.

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