Event Data Integrations

Sync Certain's Event Management Technology with Other tools you use and love

Why Certain Integrations?

Share data between Certain and your marketing technology stack

By using our native, bi-directional integrations with marketing automation, CRM and collaboration tools like Eloqua, Marketo and Salesforce, you can truly automate the capture and flow of data from your events and accurately measure performance.

Event Insights

Accelerate your sales cycle with timely attendee insights

Your attendees tell you a lot about themselves by what they do at your event. We’ll help you enhance your lead scoring by sending this valuable info to your MA and CRM systems where you can immediately put it to work.
  • Capture activity (sessions attended, demo views, meetings with sales)
  • Pre-configure campaigns to encourage action, while actually at your event
  • Send personalized post event offers based on attendee engagement

Credible Event ROI

Solve tracking event performance with credible metrics

All marketers know the challenges of arriving at an accurate event ROI number. This is especially true for events. With Certain, you can deliver a credible ROI number to your CMO and CFO.

Incorporate campaign data provided by Certain, and revenue data into attribution and event ROI calculations in Eloqua and Marketo.

Oracle Eloqua Integration

Execute real-time, personalized event campaigns

Create highly personalized campaigns and follow up with your event attendees in real-time as they engage with you throughout your events.
  • Sync data between event & marketing automation platforms
  • Develop dynamic event follow up campaigns by attendee engagement
  • Ensure team members only access events they are responsible for

Integrate Your Applications

Ensure the data you capture from your events is integrated with data from across your technology stack so you get a more holistic view of your attendees.

Seamless flow of insights

Capture all attendee touch points at your event and use Certain’s integration to automatically sync this data with your marketing automation and CRM systems.

On-The-Fly Reporting

Increase the visibility of event status and event ROI with reporting and insight into event data.

Deliver credible event ROI

Build campaign and revenue data into attribution and ROI calculations in Eloqua and Marketo.

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