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At Certain, we value the diverse perspectives that each individual brings. Whether working with a team of colleagues or with clients, we ensure that we foster a culture that celebrates differences and builds on shared connections. We welcome those who want to be inspired and are excited to be at the start of something big. 

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Leading an industry evolution isn’t easy. It requires a coordinated effort across a unified team of motivated people. We pride ourselves on being a great group of innovative people that are shaking up an industry and love to ‘win as one’. This is going to be a lot more than a job. It’s going to be about growth, career, and impact!

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Learn, Grow And Feel Valued

We cultivate an environment where all of our employees understand their contribution to our company objectives. We prioritize the profound significance of nurturing employee development and fostering growth within our workforce.


Developing amazing, innovative technology is only one part of the equation: to truly disrupt the industry, we empower each of our employees to develop, share and act on ideas that we believe will support our larger mission.

What Drives Us

Re-shaping The Event Technology Industry

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