Touchpoint Ignite

AI-Powered Conversational Event App

Gain deeper insight into your audience behaviors, preferences and trends with an intuitive, AI-powered, conversational solution to drive greater revenue and results from your events. 

Unlock a Deeper Understanding of Your Attendees with In-depth Audience Insights

Transform your attendee engagement data into actionable insights with a comprehensive view of your audience engagement across the entire event lifecycle. Delve deeper into your attendee insights to achieve greater event success.

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An Intelligent Event App for All Your Attendees

  • Boost engagement through a dynamic app equipped with a comprehensive suite of tools designed to strengthen connections.
  • Enrich your promotional strategies with meaningful insights to pinpoint the most effective channels and messages.
  • Deliver truly authentic, intent-driven event experiences, at scale.


Elevate Your Buyer Journey

  • Identify buyer engagement patterns, trends and sentiment to understand what resonates with your participants and buyers.
  • Create events that profoundly connect with your audiences by shaping experiences that are captivating, engaging and relevant. 
  • Leverage in-depth attendee insights as a guide to continuously refine your event,  identifying what works best for your audience.
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Experience the Magic of Transformative Conversational Insights


Experience Conversational Insights with AI

  • Make faster decisions with instant access to actionable insights, using an AI-driven, intuitive conversational interface.
  • Simply pose a question to generate meaningful insights, reports and charts in minutes, not hours or days
  • Using plain language,  seamlessly unlock deep buyer Insights – beyond the basic metrics!


Buying Signals at Your Fingertips

  • Stay ahead of the curve with performance comparison across various events and sessions.
  • Generate reports and charts in minutes, not hours or days, and save time and resources.
  • Save time and grow your pipeline faster and accelerate the customer journey across the entire event portfolio. 
Visualized Buying Signals at Your Fingertips!
Measure Success and Improve Future Outcomes

Measure Success & Improve Future Outcomes

  • Gain clarity on what matter to your business and shape your comprehensive event strategy to greater business results.
  • Measure the impact of every element of your events, see which speakers, sessions, and formats drive the most engagement and ROI across your events.
  • Smartly allocate resources, content, promotional efforts based on meaningful insights. 

Why Touchpoint Ignite?

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See What Sets Us Apart

Transformative AI

Go beyond basic metrics with a powerful AI-driven event intelligence that analyzes your data from every angle, uncovering hidden patterns and revealing the "why" behind your attendee engagement.

Conversational Insights

Get answers instantly with our intuitive conversational AI. Simply ask a question in plain language, and receive actionable insights about a specific event, or across multiple sessions.

Event Data Simplified

Say goodbye to complex reports! Our intuitive interface and advanced visualizations make sense of your most complex event data with easy access to insights, enabling everyone on your teams to be data driven.

Turn-Key Solution

Seamlessly analyze key buyer signals before, during and after an event while integrating them into other technologies using our native integrations with leading marketing automation, and CRM applications.

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