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Deliver Intelligence-Powered
Events—At Scale

Gain deeper insight into your audience behaviors, preferences and trends with an intuitive, AI-powered, conversational solution–empowering you to drive greater revenue and results.

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Touchpoint Ignite CEI

Elevate Your Event Experience

Get to know your buyers’ intent at every stage of the event to seamlessly guide them through the buyer journey.

  • Seamlessly gather, track and analyze your attendee engagement data & turn them into actionable insights.
  • Leverage a comprehensive view of audience engagement across the entire event lifecycle. 
  • Experience the power of conversational AI to access insights that matter to you, right at your fingertips.
  • Measure business outcomes, increase pipeline and boost revenue.

The Right Solution For Every Event

Create and deliver events at scale

Certain Platform

Plan, execute, and manage every detail of in-person, virtual, hybrid, and on-demand events of any size, from beginning to end, and beyond.

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Engage and delight participants

Certain Touchpoint Ignite

Put participants front and center with a mobile app that encourages and nurtures engagement before, during, and after events.

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Analyze performance

Certain Event Intelligence

We do the heavy lifting to prepare data, giving you actionable insights so you can deliver exceptional experiences and improve future events.

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Why Choose Certain?

Plan and execute engaging events powered by real-time insights. Get to know your buyers’ intent at every stage of the event. Accurately measure business outcomes and boost revenue.

Leverage Event Intelligence to Increase Revenue

Track and monitor event performance and engagement levels across all your events while taking important actions in real-time.

Foster Engagement & Deliver Stellar Event Experiences

Use our mobile app to empower all stakeholders to engage—before, during, and after events.

Seamlessly Scale At Enterprise Levels

Easily go from 1 to 1,000 events around the world, while preserving your brand identity and consistency.

Integrate Event Data with Your Martech Stack

Connect your event data to know where you can make an impact and to create more personalized attendee journeys.

Gain Confidence In Your Event Data Security & Privacy

Enterprise-grade security, privacy, and compliance are baked into our system to provide you peace of mind.

Enjoy Dedicated Customer Support

Rely on our knowledgeable team, available to onboard you quickly and help you whenever you need us.

What Our Customers Have to Say

Tune into this interview to see how Certain helped Red Hat standardize data across their entire event portfolio, automate processes, improve efficiency and drive revenue from their events.

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Fully prepared to give the top rating for such quick and very, very helpful responses from Gilbert and the Certain team. If there is something I cannot understand or something that doesn't seem to be working as it should, I always know that I can contact Certain support and trust that they will get back to me quickly and with assistance/explanations that always resolve the issue. I cannot think of another company we rely on that responds so promptly, positively and helpfully – I wish more of the companies we dealt with did the same.

Kate Maitland Smith rd

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