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How to Use ChatGPT for Event Planning and Promotion - 01/31/2023


As technology continues to advance, a new wave of AI-powered applications is starting to redefine productivity across many industries. ChatGPT is a powerful AI content tool that generates human-like text, helping organizations produce more with fewer resources. In this blog, we’re going to look at how event organizers can leverage ChatGPT in their event planning […] (Read More)

Certain Event Intelligence Refreshed - 01/10/2023


Events are complex and managing your event data can be a challenging task. Event technology can serve as a powerful tool to collect rich attendee data and offer important insights that drive business outcomes. With the right technology, you can build attendee profiles, measure engagement, and gauge buyer interests—simplifying the entire process to drive leads to […] (Read More)

Marketing Event Trends to Watch out for in 2023 - 12/15/2022


The marketing event landscape is evolving faster than ever and the gap between in-person and virtual experiences continues to shrink. The event industry has gone through some challenges in the recent years. However, there’s a sense of confidence and excitement surrounding in-person events for the coming year. In this blog, we will share key marketing […] (Read More)

How Event Intelligence can Improve Attendee Experience - 11/13/2022

event intelligence improves attendee experience

Event Intelligence is becoming more important than ever, particularly as the latest event technology providers offer more powerful, flexible tools that are also easily scalable. Event Intelligence offers important actionable attendee insights that marketers can act on before, during and after an event. It helps them gain more visibility into their global events of all […] (Read More)

How to Extend the Value of Your Hybrid Events - 11/07/2022


Hybrid events are becoming increasingly popular, and it’s no wonder why! They can bring you new leads, convert your prospects into paying customers and add value to your brand’s reputation. According to a  survey by Statista, 40% of marketers worldwide predicted that their events will be virtual this year, while 35% were predicted to be […] (Read More)

Transforming your Event Data into Revenue and Results - 10/28/2022

transforming event data to revenue

Transforming event data into actionable insights is an important element of your event success metrics.  Event organizers are leveraging new data strategies for in-person and hybrid events. Gathering large numbers of people to attend your event sounds impressive, but how did they drive and accelerate the pipeline? How does retention differ between customers who attend […] (Read More)

5 Things to Consider for Successful In-Person Events - 10/02/2022

successful in-person events

For most businesses, transitioning back to in-person events after almost two years of virtual events will be a big adjustment. Successful events, in-person, virtual or a mix of both – have one thing in common. They focus is always on the attendees. The key to unlocking your event channel and accelerating revenue is to turn […] (Read More)

Why You Need an Event Technologist - 09/24/2022


As technology continues to change the events industry, organizations can no longer rely on planners to handle everything. They need an event technologist to help find the right technology and simplify their event management process. Virtual and In-person events produce boundless amounts of data that accumulate even before registration. It’s important that your event data […] (Read More)

Why Choose an Enterprise-Grade Event Management Solution? - 09/19/2022

enterprise event management

People have relied on event platforms in recent years as a means of venturing “outside” of their four walls. With the shift to virtual events, event technology became a more important aspect of the event management process. Event management software is a tool to elevate your virtual, in-person, and hybrid events.  Organizers should be focusing […] (Read More)

Marketing Event Budgeting Tips - 09/13/2022


Event budgeting is one of the most important factors in the event planning process.  Allocating your event funds successfully can be difficult and time-consuming. However, your event budget can be one of your most helpful documents throughout the event lifecycle and can also serve as a helpful learning tool for future events. So, how can you […] (Read More)

Tips for Boosting Virtual and Hybrid Event Registration - 08/29/2022


Virtual and hybrid events allow organizers to extend their reach to a maximum number of attendees. The key for boosting event registration starts with early engagement with your target audience. Having a clear understanding of your event objective will help you plan promotional messages that are personalized to your audiences. Create effective strategies for promoting […] (Read More)

The Hybrid Event Advantage - 08/22/2022


Virtual events will continue to remain an option due to a new distributed workforce (remote work), travel restrictions, or budget cuts.  However, for many types of corporate events, there’s just no substitute for being in the same room with other people – the energy and creativity that come out of a shared experience are often […] (Read More)

Certain Releases New Improvements to Product Suite - 08/15/2022

Untitled design

Certain strives to continuously improve and expand its suite of products and solutions to support event professionals from marketing executives to registration managers—and everyone in between. Certain’s latest release (8.0) combines a mix of strategic and tactical features that help empower users to make the most of their events, be they virtual, in-person or a […] (Read More)

How to Boost Audience Engagement using Content - 08/10/2022


Whether you’re hosting virtual events, in-person events, or a mix of both, content plays an important role in audience engagement. By leveraging your content strategy, you can increase your reach, influence and conversion opportunities.  There are many variables to keep in mind while creating content to engage with your participants. However, to be effective, it’s […] (Read More)

5 Characteristics of a Strong Event Brand - 08/05/2022

event brand characteristics

Event marketers and organizers are working hard to earn the trust, attention, and preference of attendees, sponsors, and vendors. Event brand has come to the forefront as a way to stake claim on the worth of an event and to portray it in its light desired by the brand. Building a brand isn’t easy but […] (Read More)

How Event Automation Drives Greater Revenue - 07/19/2022


Corporate event planning may be challenging, especially when it comes to trade exhibitions, seminars, and conferences. As event organizers, you have a variety of activities to consider like finding locations, managing registrations, promoting, evaluating feedback, and calculating ROI. This could entail putting in long hours, dealing with a lot of manual tasks, and figuring out […] (Read More)

Event Management Software for Training & Education - 07/11/2022


Event management technology is not limited to only corporate events and conferences. A trending use case is using the software to provide training and education to global audiences. The event management software offers learners a unique experience through data-driven, self-directed education and curated content that allows them to learn on their own schedule and from […] (Read More)

7 Steps to Converting More Event Leads - 06/28/2022


The event technology you use to design, organize, and execute events can serve as a powerful tool to collect rich attendee data. Marketing events give you the opportunity to build deep attendee profiles, measure engagement, and gauge interests. According to a study by Live Marketing, 83% of brands say their #1 reason for running events […] (Read More)

Unlocking Event Marketing Success with Attendee Engagement Data - 06/17/2022

virtual events, event data

Attendee engagement plays a central role in virtual, in-person and hybrid event marketing for multiple reasons. On one level, it transforms a webinar, seminar or conference into an interactive experience – creating an opportunity for attendees, hosts and sponsors to create connections and build relationships. Often, this is what determines the difference between a memorable […] (Read More)

5 Key Trends for Event Planners - 06/15/2022


When planning events in a changing world, event organizers have a lot to consider in order for their events to be successfully executed. Planning multi-day, multi-session global event programs with varying formats and sizes add more to the challenge. It is important for event planners to have the flexibility to modify plans if needed. In […] (Read More)