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Topics in Event Management Technology

Event Management Technology FAQ

Here are some of the questions we hear most often when talking about event management and intelligence. We hope this will provide you with some great ideas, as you evaluate event management software and technology, and as you host great events!

Who Uses Event Automation Software?

The Marketing Team Marketers use Event Automation to deliver personalized event experiences, capt...

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What is Event Automation Software?

Event Automation Software is a category of technology that has evolved from traditional event man...

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What is the proper way to track event attendees and participants?

Event participants (attendees) can be tracked in spreadsheet, a marketing automation or CRM syste...

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What is a hybrid event?

A hybrid event is an event that includes in-person as well as online participants at the same tim...

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What is hybrid event management software?

Hybrid event management software is technology that enables in-person and virtual participants to...

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What does a mobile event app do?

Mobile event apps provide an improved event experience for participants, organizers and sponsors....

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What is event intelligence software?

Event intelligence software helps event planners, organizers, executives, and business people opt...

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What is event intelligence?

Event intelligence is the insight that event planners, organizers, executives, and business peopl...

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What is event management software?

Event management software is technology that helps organizations manage their in-person, online, ...

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What is audience, participant, or event engagement?

Audience, participant, or event engagement is the dialogue, at an event, between the event partic...

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