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Analyze and Visualize event data Extracted from any Source with Event Intelligence Software from Certain

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Data Management with Event Intelligence

Certain has made it possible for us to establish and implement event intelligence software for managing global event data that our teams really trust."

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Get Intelligent Insights from All your Events

We help you track and analyze your event data and send you signals to improve attendance, engagement and revenue from any kind of event, anywhere. Watch the video to learn more.

Event Intelligence Software Features

Continuously Collects Data

Gathers your global event participant data before, during and after the event.

Analyzes & Visualizes Performance

Transforms event data into meaningful insights that are easy to understand & identify patterns.

Offers Actionable Insights

Provides you with rich attendee insights that you can act on to increase ROI.

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Unlock the Power of the Best Event Management Solution

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Event Intelligence Features

Centralize event data from all of your favorite tools into one place where you can quickly visualize performance and get bespoke recommendations on how to achieve your goals.

Import Event Data from Your Whole Ecosystem

With tons of pre-built connectors and a REST API, Event Intelligence will aggregate and make sense of data, no matter the source.

Create Stunning Charts with Zero Code

Event Intelligence unlocks over 20 different kinds of visualizations, so you can point just the right spotlight on your data.

Get Actionable Insights in Near Real-Time

The world-class data engine is blazing fast with bank-level security and protection for true peace of mind.

Track Engagement All the Way to the Sale

Event Intelligence helps show ROI by solving the obstacles of tying event data and results to actual sales.

Be In the Know with Smart Notifications

You can set up alerts that let you know when things are going well — and when they aren’t.

Schedule & Deliver Reports to The Team

Keep everyone in the loop and automatically send reports to whomever needs them.

Make Your Next Event Flawless

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