Drive a Higher ROI from Every One of Your Events

Events are a large area of spend for most marketing organizations, yet it can be extremely difficult to quantify your return on investment. Certain allows marketing leaders to capture and measure lead flow and revenue directly attributed to their global events. Drive a higher ROI from every one of your events: Get the Guide: The Powerful Impact of In-Person Experiences on Event ROI.

Igniting Event Experiences with Touchpoint Ignite​’s AI

Discover deeper insight into your audience behaviors, preferences and trends
to drive greater revenue and results from your events. See how to: 

  • Leverage the power of event intelligence & AI to take your event experiences to the next level
  • Tailor future events to deliver more effective event experiences
  • Make informed decisions swiftly and positively impact your business

Why Certain?

Greater ROI

Achieve Greater ROI with Rich Attendee Insights

Deliver prospects and customers valuable, targeted offers based on how they have engaged with you pre-, during- and post- event.

  • Leverage our fully integrated platform to personalize attendee experience
  • Follow up with your attendees in real-time
  • Enrich existing customer and prospect data for a more holistic view
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Attendee Data

Enrich Lead Scoring by Integrating Events Into Your Tech Stack

Bring more than just attendee contact data into your marketing automation platform to enrich lead scoring and engagement.

  • Capture rich attendee data like session interests, session attendance, polling or survey responses and meetings with sales
  • Native, bi-directional integration with Oracle Eloqua and Marketo
  • Pre-configure dynamic campaigns based on how an attendee engages with you during your event

Targeted Content

Personalize the Experience for Your Attendees

With Certain, you’re able to capture rich data on your event attendees so you can offer highly targeted, valuable content to increase leads and revenue.

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Seamless Brand Experience

Get a fully white-labeled, custom brand experience that aligns with your design guide.

Built for Scale

Certain’s enterprise features take the pain out of managing events of all types and sizes.

Powerful Insights

Keep up-to-date on registration performance. Build custom reports that show a clear view of the ROI from your events.

Increase Team Productivity

With pre-built event registration form and site templates, your team can focus on what matters.

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