Software for Event Planners

Create memorable attendee experiences

Event planners CAN have it both ways: Deliver a unique, seamless experience for customers and significantly contribute to your company’s bottom line. Certain’s event marketing software provides everything you need to execute flawless events and create phenomenal results.

Why Certain Event Software for Event Planners?

Easily handle event logistics and deliver results

With Certain, you can drive measurable results and execute events of all types and sizes flawlessly – from in-person events to highly engaging virtual events.

Templated Events

Manage events more efficiently

Reduce the headache of having to manage multiple events and let Certain’s pre-built templates do the work for you.
  • Create custom event templates or use pre-built templates
  • Copy prior event templates and manage multiple in-person events
  • Create multiple forms and websites based on your individual event needs

Engaging Experiences

Create compelling, engaging events

Foster immersive, interactive and personal experiences for your attendees completely through both online and in-person events.

  • Attendee to attendee or host to attendee messaging
  • Add polls, surveys and gamification to your events
  • Personalize the attendee experience by recommending sessions and content unique to that guest

Seamless branding

All emails, forms and websites built on Certain’s platforms are completely brand compliant. Your event attendees will never see mention of Certain.

Built for Scale

Certain’s enterprise capabilities allow you to manage hundreds of thousands of in-person events across the globe.

Powerful Insights

Stay on top of all event and attendee insights with standard and advanced customized reporting.

Increase efficiency

No more need to manually create forms, websites and campaigns for every event you produce. Use Certain to build and copy from existing templates.

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