Event Automation Platform for Marketing Operations

Bring events into your marketing technology stack

Events are often run on a variety of point solutions that aren’t well integrated with the rest of your marketing technology stack. This patchwork approach often creates fragmented data and requires manual effort to consolidate. Certain’s Event Automation platform aggregates all event-related data and seamlessly integrates within your technology stack so you can truly automate the capture and flow of data from your events.

Why Certain Event Automation?

Create a clear and seamless lead flow from your events

Certain’s end-to-end Event Automation platform and native integrations allow you to automate the capture and flow of data from your events so you can execute real-time marketing actions and campaigns.

Attendee Data

The event solution your marketing automation is begging for

Data you capture pre-, during- and post- event will be synced in real-time to your marketing automation system. Trigger personalized offers to your attendees based on how they engage with you during an event.

  • Bi-directional and native integrations, not just connectors
  • Capture attendee activity data (session interest and attendance, demo views, meetings with sales)
  • Based on attendee engagement, send personalized post-event offers through dynamic campaigns

Lead Scoring

Enhance your lead scoring with interest-based activity

Leverage Certain to capture more interest-based activity data from your events so you can improve your lead scoring and provide actionable insights to sales and marketing.

  • Use registration questions and session participation to gauge interests
  • See how attendees answered in-event surveys and polls
  • Understand who attendees met with and incorporate into the lead score

Accelerate your sales cycle

Pre-build and replicate dynamic campaigns that personalize follow-up based on how attendees engage.

Built for Scale

Certain’s enterprise features take the pain out of managing events of all types and sizes.

Powerful Insights

Keep up-to-date on registration performance. Build custom reports that show a clear view of the ROI from your events.

Increase team productivity

With pre-built event registration form and site templates, your team can focus on what matters.

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