What is Hybrid Event Management Software?


Hybrid event management software is technology that enables in-person and virtual participants to attend a meeting or a multi-day event at the same time. Hybrid event management software manages the virtual and in-person logistics, so that an organization can host one event, and have one set of sessions, but get the benefits of a very wide remote audience combined with the more human elements of an in-person event at the same time.

Participants can engage in the event using the attendance options that are best for them, and can engage in the dialogue through polls, Q&A, discussion threads and more – with the in-person participants using a mobile app, and remote participants responding through a web browser. All of the data can be captured in a uniform manner, for all of the hybrid event participants, providing participants, sponsors, presenters, and the host organization with a “win – win” and a great experience for everyone involved.

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