Why a Mobile Event App? Amazing Insights. That’s Why.

Boss is convinced. Good job. But let’s stay mindful of the full scope of fabulous reasons for adopting a mobile event app.

We’re guessing that getting your boss psyched about the value of a mobile event app won’t be terribly difficult. Frankly, they’re becoming ubiquitous, and for very good reasons. But just by way of reinforcement, we’d like to offer something of a cheat sheet of those reasons as you prepare to make your case.

Let’s first compose the elevator pitch. It could go something like this:

Our guests are a wealth of information. Customized event apps on their smartphones are our path to far more real-time insight than we could possibly gather otherwise. Proactively mining that information means we can offer our guests a fuller, more productive event experience. We can then enhance our event ROI by offering solid intelligence to our sales and marketing teams.

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