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Choosing the Best Event Management Software - 03/28/2022


Technology is a key ingredient in planning and executing successful events of all types and sizes from large conferences to smaller, recurring events and everything in between. Event management software saves time spent on manual tasks, increases productivity, seamlessly captures event data and offers meaningful insights and helps prove event ROI. While you can invest […] (Read More)

Engaging with Virtual Audiences in a Changing World - 03/22/2022

virtual audiences in a changing world

There is no denying that the pandemic has changed the event industry forever, and there is a lot to consider for event organizers to adapt their approach in line with emerging trends surrounding virtual and hybrid events. One of the main priorities of event planners is the attendee experience. Audience engagement is key to your […] (Read More)

The Power of Personalized Attendee Experiences - 03/15/2022


Technology has made personalization easier than ever. Starbucks, for example, can send you individualized offers based on the drinks you ordered in the past. Amazon knows exactly what products to recommend to you, Spotify can create playlists, handpicked just for you. If you’re wondering how these large corporations know so much about you, continue reading […] (Read More)

Understanding your Event Intelligence - 03/09/2022


Data is the secret weapon behind some of the most successful B2B marketing campaigns, and it can also be the silent killer of great campaigns otherwise destined for success. Event marketers must prove ROI to secure funds for future marketing endeavors. To ensure that you are tapping into quality event data, it’s important that you […] (Read More)

Prioritizing your Event Data Security - 03/02/2022


With more advances in event technology and an increase in virtual and hybrid events, marketers capture and store more attendee data than ever before.  However, with all of the advantages that the additional event data offers your organization, it also increases your vulnerability. Integration to other systems can also have implications for data security. Security […] (Read More)

The Importance of Centralizing your Event Data - 02/15/2022


Companies often struggle with the reality that gathering the right event data can be challenging. Knowing that data is an organization’s most valuable asset, it is important to treat data collection, storage and accessibility as key considerations surrounding your event data management. Advances in technology has empowered event marketers to collect more data on event […] (Read More)

How to Measure and Maximize Event ROI - 02/04/2022


What is Event ROI, and Why Does it Matter? Essentially, event ROI is a term used to indicate and measure the value obtained after the culmination of an event, mainly those meant for marketing and promotion. Value is more than just financial: it can represent a retention of customers, growth in engagement, number of people […] (Read More)

Top 25 Locations for Corporate Events in San Francisco - 01/10/2022

Top 25 Locations for Corporate Events in San Francisco

Picture this: you’re an event planner sitting in your weekly status meeting, when suddenly your team looks over to you and tells you that they have a client who needs a cocktail party planned in San Francisco YESTERDAY. You have limited resources, limited budget and need to move fast…an event planner’s dream…Mmm, how about no. (Read More)

5 Key Ingredients for Flawless Event Execution - 12/06/2021


We can talk about the many innovative ways to make an event truly memorable and valuable. But in the end (or is it the beginning?), if the basics of event execution are missing, the rest is forgotten. No one will remember the powerful speakers and amazing receptions if the event is unorganized, running late, misdirected, […] (Read More)

Connecting Virtual and In-Person Attendees at Hybrid Events - 10/12/2021


We find that more and more event organizers want to return to in-person events while simultaneously extending their reach to the new and ever-growing virtual audience. Recent polling shows that 60% of marketers plan to increase spending on a hybrid event model that includes both face-to-face and virtual audiences. Although hybrid corporate events offer unique marketing opportunities, they also present unique challenges.   In a […] (Read More)

Hosting Virtual and Hybrid Events with Touchpoint Stream - 09/28/2021

virtual event sponsors

Historically, event sponsors and exhibitors have suffered somewhat in the virtual event space – particularly when it comes to engaging with attendees. With the increased focus on virtual and hybrid events this year, it’s important for event professionals and marketers to consider how you can better accommodate your event sponsors’ needs. The key to ensuring […] (Read More)

Getting Ready for The Return to In-Person Events - 09/21/2021

Getting Ready for The Return to In-Person Events

The events industry is forecasting a return to in-person events as soon as this fall, but in the new age of ‘digital first’ strategies, the next chapter of in-person events will have different rules of engagement for the better. Considering the anti-climactic end to the pandemic with new COVID-19 Delta variant that have been discovered […] (Read More)

Touchpoint Stream – For Hybrid and Virtual Events - 09/15/2021

touchpoint stream

For the majority event marketers, the great crash course in virtual events is now behind us – and for many, virtual events are now a permanent part of our marketing strategies. But as we explore new ways to design virtual and hybrid event experiences that capture the benefits of fully in-person events, the addition of […] (Read More)

What Does a Smart Hybrid Event Look Like? - 07/26/2021

virtual events

Now that we’ve seen the value that virtual events have added to our marketing strategies over the past year, there’s no doubt that they are here to stay (albeit, to varying degrees) . Now, as we begin to re-incorporate in-person experiences to complement virtual events, the spotlight is on the hybrid model as a go-to […] (Read More)

How to Master Hybrid Event Marketing and Promotion - 06/03/2021

virtual events

Now that we’re all seasoned virtual event pros, reworking our strategies for hybrid event marketing and promotion should come a bit easier, right? Well, not exactly. While all the valuable learnings of your past virtual and in-person event marketing tactics will undoubtedly come into play when planning for hybrid, there are a few additional considerations […] (Read More)

Event Intelligence for Virtual, In-Person and Hybrid Events - 05/26/2021

hybrid events

As event marketers turn to hybrid events, a major challenge that they will inevitably face is the complexity of managing hybrid event data – a task that has grown exponentially with the blending of virtual and in-person audiences. For every event campaign (and this includes virtual, in-person and hybrid events) marketers should have a trusted […] (Read More)

Taking Your User Conference Beyond the Basics - 02/01/2021

Taking Your User Conference Beyond the Basics

In many circles, a key indicator of an organization’s success is its ability to support a user conference. The user conference is a highly-visible event that reflects on your organization’s brand and reputation while providing a basis for engaging customers and prospects through unique opportunities that allow for firsthand product insight and understanding. When executed […] (Read More)

75 Event Marketing Statistics / Ways of Measuring Event Success - 01/17/2021

75 Event Marketing Statistics / Ways of Measuring Event Success

Have you asked yourself: what is holding my company back from increasing revenue from events? We’ve compiled a list of 75 Stellar Event Marketing Statistics so that you can see where your company measures up in the world of event marketing, what you could be doing differently, and what tools can help you turn your events from cost centers to money generators. These stats provide event marketers with benchmarks, so that event marketers can gage where they need to focus their efforts and improve. Once you have these stats in your marketing arsenal, you can use them to up your event marketing game and achieve Event Success. (Read More)