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Human connection has always been at the core of marketing events; it’s what gives events the power and effectiveness that they have as a marketing channel. In fact, an impressive 77% of consumers say that interacting with a brand at a live event increases their trust in the brand. But it’s easy to get bogged down in the enormity of engagement data that modern event marketing technology provides.  

Delivering exceptional event experiences is key to forging lasting impressions and enhancing attendee involvement. In this blog, we’ll highlight key points from a recent Certain webinar where participants were introduced to a ground-breaking new event app, Touchpoint Ignite. We’ll explore how AI-driven event technology can empower organizations in elevating their event experiences which helps fuel revenue growth and drive greater business outcomes. 

Event Data Challenges 

One of the most common challenges faced by organizations is the limited scope of event data analytics. Often, companies limit their data collection efforts to basic registration information, and as a result they end up missing out on valuable event engagement insights. For those who are actively collecting rich engagement data, they often find that the sheer volume of data can be overwhelming, making it difficult to extract actionable insights and make informed decisions. 

Understanding Your Audience  

Touchpoint Ignite is an innovative AI-powered event app designed to unlock deep audience insights from deeper engagement data that is captured throughout the event, across an organization’s entire event portfolio. Powered by AI and event intelligence, the app seamlessly captures, analyzes, and transforms event engagement data into actionable insights across many events/sessions and offers a 360-degree view of audience behaviors, trends and patterns. What’s more, it comes with an AI conversational interface, where marketers can seamlessly tap into deep audience insights and other event metrics, using plain language to ask questions that expand beyond what they may see on a dashboard.    

Key Features and Benefits

Unlike traditional data management methods, Touchpoint Ignite continuously captures and analyzes engagement data to interpret meaningful insights throughout the event cycle. During the webinar, participants were given a tour of Touchpoint Ignite, showcasing its key features and benefits. Below is a recap of what they saw. 

The Engagement Dashboard: 360-View of Audience Behaviors 

Touchpoint Ignite’s powerful event intelligence engine offers comprehensive insights into attendees’ behaviors and trends so that businesses can make informed decisions about their events and marketing strategies. Collecting engagement data is one thing but deriving meaningful insights from that data – and doing so effectively at scale – is an entirely different challenge.   

Touchpoint Ignite’s engagement dashboard takes event data analytics beyond visualizations, offering the ability to flexibly orchestrate and analyze the data as needed. Below are some examples of how this looks in action. 

image 2

Touchpoint Ignite’s Engagement Dashboard 

Sentiment Analysis 

With a dynamic view, Touchpoint Ignite generates an AI-powered summary that compiles and condenses attendee feedback, providing a comprehensive overview of attendee sentiments and topics discussed. This can be done both at the event and individual session-level, identifying trends and behaviors such as session popularity, key engagement metrics, detailed feedback, and attendee sentiment analysis – all derived from interactions within the event app.  

Now, instead of having to review several hundreds of surveys to identify overall trends, users can access that info within a single click, saving hours, if not days of effort.   

Content Analysis 

Understanding how attendees engage with your content is essential to your event strategy. Events, like all marketing channels, rely on the effectiveness of your content, so measuring the success of how people engage with that content is not just helpful, it’s mandatory – particularly when it comes to planning for your next event.   

Let’s say you’re looking to justify expanding your video budget for the year ahead. Through Ignite’s engagement summary section you can see, for example:   

  • Which videos were viewed during the last event  
  • What specific videos were viewed the most and least 
  • The percentage of participants who viewed at least one video   

As a result, event organizers can assess the effectiveness of their video content to help with future content planning.  

Session Analysis 

The next section of the engagement dashboard was built to provide deeper insights into specific sessions within an event. Touchpoint Ignite’s session analysis dashboard offers you both a macro and micro visualization to easily answer questions such as:  

  • Which sessions were your most and least engaging?  
  • Which session had the most participants?  
  • Which sessions had the most and least positive feedback? 

This level of insight into each session not only provides strategic direction for future planning but also informs direct, personalized communication with attendees based on a deeper understanding of their session feedback.  

What if you’re looking for specific insights about one of your events that aren’t already part of the engagement dashboard?  This is where Touchpoint Ignite’s AI capabilities truly take event data management to the next level.   

AI-powered Conversational Interface 

Touchpoint Ignite’s AI-powered conversational interface is embedded directly into the app, allowing you to simply ask a question in plain English and instantly receive tailored insights, eliminating the need for data analysts or complex dashboards.  

The audience saw this feature put to the test by asking the app several event-specific questions including:  

  • When was the last time that we had an event about data?  
  • How many people came to that event?  
  • What were their job titles?   
  • Can this data be presented and exported in a graph? (yes!)  
  • How can we improve this event next year?  

Using engagement data provided throughout the event cycle, Touchpoint Ignite’s event intelligence engine is interpreting all the data that was tagged as AI feedback, including polls, surveys, questions, etc.  

The capabilities of this powerful tool are endless. Users can use this interface to produce thorough, data-driven executive summaries, account-based insights, and strategic planning around event objectives, content, and beyond.  As demonstrated in the webinar, Touchpoint Ignite offers a seamless experience, enabling users to navigate through event data effortlessly and extract meaningful insights with ease. With its innovative features and continuous development, Touchpoint Ignite is poised to revolutionize the way organizations manage and optimize their events.  To learn more, contact us for a free consultation with one of our event experts. 

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