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Published in Event Intelligence category on (01/10/2023)

Certain Event Intelligence Refreshed

Events are complex and managing your event data can be a challenging task. Event technology can serve as a powerful tool to collect rich attendee data and offer important insights that drive business outcomes. With the right technology, you can build attendee profiles, measure engagement, and gauge buyer interests—simplifying the entire process to drive leads to […] (Read More)

event intelligence improves attendee experience

Published in Event Intelligence category on (11/13/2022)

How Event Intelligence can Improve Attendee Experience

Event Intelligence is becoming more important than ever, particularly as the latest event technology providers offer more powerful, flexible tools that are also easily scalable. Event Intelligence offers important actionable attendee insights that marketers can act on before, during and after an event. It helps them gain more visibility into their global events of all […] (Read More)

transforming event data to revenue

Published in Event Intelligence category on (10/28/2022)

Transforming your Event Data into Revenue and Results

Transforming event data into actionable insights is an important element of your event success metrics.  Event organizers are leveraging new data strategies for in-person and hybrid events. Gathering large numbers of people to attend your event sounds impressive, but how did they drive and accelerate the pipeline? How does retention differ between customers who attend […] (Read More)