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event brand characteristics

Published in Event Marketing category on (08/05/2022)

5 Characteristics of a Strong Event Brand

Event marketers and organizers are working hard to earn the trust, attention, and preference of attendees, sponsors, and vendors. Event brand has come to the forefront as a way to stake claim on the worth of an event and to portray it in its light desired by the brand. Building a brand isn’t easy but […] (Read More)


Published in Event Automation category on (07/19/2022)

How Event Automation Drives Greater Revenue

Corporate event planning may be challenging, especially when it comes to trade exhibitions, seminars, and conferences. As event organizers, you have a variety of activities to consider like finding locations, managing registrations, promoting, evaluating feedback, and calculating ROI. This could entail putting in long hours, dealing with a lot of manual tasks, and figuring out […] (Read More)


Published in Event Management category on (05/31/2022)

Making your Event Data Actionable

Event data can be a powerful source for marketers to tap into and learn more about their events. Insights about past events can guide to more effective events that are optimized for highest revenue generation. It’s important to highlight that it’s not so much the data itself that offers value but rather the stories we […] (Read More)