Achieving Success With Scalable Event Personalization


With advances in Artificial Intelligence(AI) and event data orchestration, personalization is set to elevate to new standards. A recent survey of senior marketing leaders, finds that only 15% of CMOs believe their company is on the right track with personalization. By deploying recommendations and triggered communications, they have found ways to drive 5-15% increases in revenue and 10-30% increases in marketing-spend efficiency.

AI technology’s ability to generate recommendations based on an attendee’s information can help marketers tailor recommendations and/or avoid specific offerings. The secret to event personalization is data-driven insights into attendee interests, behavior, industries, goals, etc.

So what do we mean by personalization “at scale”? We are referring to applying personalization at the largest events possible. It’s not enough to send your registrants an e-mail that simply addresses them by name. You have to design and deliver tailored messages to thousands of attendees – and do so throughout your event life-cycle. So it’s important to always think in terms not just of personalization, but personalization at-scale.

Scaling event personalization is a sophisticated and strategic way of getting more out of your event data. This requires data-driven decision-making on a broader scale. Think beyond the basic analytics to intelligent solutions like predictive modeling, AI, and advanced data interpretation. Matchmaking algorithms facilitate more meaningful networking by helping like-minded attendees find each other. Curated agendas tailor the overall experience to each attendee’s interests. The key is that your events are not just organized but orchestrated with precision and foresight across the board.

What’s more is that event data builds on itself – so planners who embrace this approach will be able to offer increasingly personal experiences over time. With scalable insights, marketing professionals can easily analyze large datasets, predict attendee behavior, and derive actionable intelligence. It’s important to note that there are four strategic actions to consider when it comes to developing a scaled event data strategy – especially within a marketing team with limited resources:

  1. Centralize: Integrate all data across events into one source to avoid having to reconcile siloed data sources in different programs all over the tech stack during the analysis.
  2. Standardize: Structure the data collected to make it consistent and easier to collate to avoid getting bogged down comparing apples to oranges.
  3. Visualize: Use techniques to make the data easily accessible, understandable, and communicable to stakeholders above and tactical resources below.
  4. Contextualize: Use your data to tell a story across your event program so you can understand performance metrics in the grander scheme of things.

Establishing a data strategy that covers these four pillars will empower marketing professionals to answer higher-order strategic questions about their event programs such as:

  • Should we keep running the same events year over year?
  • How do these events move the needle on larger objectives within the marketing team? The organization?
  • Which formats are the most effective in delivering value to all stakeholders
  • How do I track the performance across my event program so I can make data-driven decisions?
  • Can any of the events in our program be improved, culled, or merged?
  • How can I communicate this data to my stakeholders to get the support and resources I need?

With the right event management software, you can empower your teams to transform your events into valuable sources of revenue generation and customer engagement. From streamlining registrations to optimizing networking opportunities, the latest AI-powered features optimizes the entire event management process, making them more efficient, engaging, and highly effective.

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