Making Every Moment Count: Strategies to Boost Event Engagement and Impact

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There’s a reason why 80% of marketers report that live events play a major role in their overall business success: events are an exceptional way to get to know your audience, with endless ways to drive and capture valuable event engagement data and buyer intent. The trick is knowing what data matters in advance so that you can plan an effective event data strategy that both engages your attendees and facilitates a better understanding of their own needs and motivations.  

But collecting the data is only the beginning. It’s what you do with the data that will determine its value long after your event has ended – and having the right technology to interpret that data is vital for taking informed, effective action. 

Create an engagement data strategy 

89% of B2B marketers say that capturing and leveraging event data has positively impacted their overall marketing strategy. To successfully drive, capture and transform event data, it’s important that you identify and involve key stakeholders to define the following objectives: 

  • What do you want to learn about/from your attendees? 
  • What are your attendee engagement goals and what metrics will you use to measure success? 
  • How does this feed into the overall marketing and company goals? 

Strategize Event Engagement Data Capture 

When it comes to marketing and event strategy, data is the new gold. Tracking engagement metrics empowers you to measure the true impact of your event and refine your strategy for maximized ROI. 

By leveraging a dynamic event app that is uniquely designed to strengthen connections, you offer a variety of ways to boost meaningful engagement throughout your event, including: 

  • Surveys and Live Polling  
  • Gamification  
  • Content Viewing and Downloads  
  • Discussion Boards  
  • Q&A  
  • Social Feeds 
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Transform event engagement data into actionable insights 

Your event has ended, and you now have an abundance of event engagement data to work with, such as attendee information, registration data, session details, engagement metrics, and post-event feedback. But this raw data can take days, or even weeks to navigate without the right resources to transform it into a complete picture of your attendees’ interests, preferences, and motivations. By centralizing and harmonizing event data, organizations can derive valuable insights, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions to enhance event planning, attendee experience, and overall event success. 

With 80% of event professionals stating that AI offers value for personalized mobile apps and personal assistants, it’s time to utilize an intelligent, AI-powered event management solution that can:  

  • Centralize event engagement data for a 360 view of buyer engagement patterns, trends and sentiment.  
  • Provide comprehensive insight dashboards to identify what resonates with your participants and buyers.  
  • Offer conversational AI to access custom insights and generate meaningful insights, reports and charts in minutes – not hours or days.  
  • Measure the impact of every element of your events to see which speakers, sessions, and formats drive the most engagement and ROI across your events. 

Take Action 

Now that you have this wealth of insights on your hands, how do you plan to use it? When 63% of marketers admit that they fail to maximize the value of event content, and large enterprises facing an even higher figure of 72%, having the technology to translate your engagement data into actionable insights is a game-changer. 

By taking informed, tailored action in both how you interact with your audience and how you manage future events, you can create an events program that deeply resonates with your audience. Here’s how: 

  • Identify buyer engagement patterns, trends and sentiment to understand what resonates with your participants and buyers.  
  • Personalize interactions with attendees and create meaningful connections based on a deeper understanding of their needs, interests, and motivations. 
  • Optimize and continuously refine future events; from budgets to promotion to content, take what you’ve learned and apply it. 
  • Stay ahead of the curve with performance comparison across various events and sessions. 
  • Use what you’ve learned to create events that profoundly connect with your audiences through captivating, engaging and relevant experiences, and ultimately drive business results. 

Turning Event Engagement into Impact 

By utilizing AI-powered event management software like Touchpoint Ignite to centralize and analyze data, event professionals gain a comprehensive view of attendee engagement. This enables real-time, data-driven decisions and personalized experiences.  

Remember, the value of event data extends beyond the event itself. Understanding buyer patterns and preferences allows for personalized interactions and continuous improvement of future events. By refining your approach, you can create impactful events that exceed audience expectations, maximize ROI, and build lasting relationships. 

Are you looking to transform your event engagement data into business results? Contact us to speak with one of our event experts and hear how Certain’s event management software can help you drive greater revenue and results from your events.

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