Streamlining Event Data Analysis to Maximize Event Success

Streamlining Event Data Analysis

Recent studies by Forrester reveal that 55% of marketers admit to falling short in fully leveraging zero and first-party data gleaned from their events. This underscores an ongoing challenge – despite the abundance of valuable engagement data generated at events, many marketing professionals struggle to harness its full potential.  

Effectively navigating the complexities of event data is crucial for modern marketers and event professionals aiming to enhance buyer engagement and drive impactful event strategies. But the struggle to manage vast amounts of data, coupled with the need for meaningful insights, can be daunting. But using an AI-powered, intelligent event management software, marketers can seamlessly harness the power of their event data.  

The Sheer Volume of Raw Event Data 

The sheer volume of raw event data alone creates a distinct challenge, considerably so for companies hosting numerous regional events, and with the rise of virtual and hybrid events in recent years. Many enterprise organizations with global event programs find themselves struggling to gain consistency around event data due to absence of global standardization, siloed event data, and lack of resources or technology to navigate event data. 

Customer Success Story:
See how Red Hat standardized and automated event data across global regions to drive revenue from their global events. 
“Certain has helped raise the bar on what we track, and we can now use event intelligence in a much broader way to improve both the marketing of events as well as the quality of event content.” 

Lauren Hull, Global Marketing Technology Manager, Red Hat, Inc. 

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The Complexities of Data Interpretation 

At the heart of the big data challenge lies the complexity of extracting actionable insights from vast quantities of event data. With the influx of information pouring in from various channels and touchpoints, businesses face a daunting task in deciphering meaningful patterns and trends. Duplicate and erroneous entries, inconsistent formats, and lack of predefined criteria diminish the quality and integrity of your event data, creating a greater obstacle than benefit for marketers.  

Effectively handling and analyzing vast amounts of event data in a scalable and reliable way has never been more crucial. By embracing AI-driven technologies and leveraging advanced event intelligence platforms, marketers can transform raw data into actionable insights, paving the way for enhanced buyer engagement and more impactful event strategies. 

Not All Event Data is Created Equal 

As we navigate the complexities of event data, it’s important to discern between general attendee demographic data and meaningful buyer signals. Relying solely on registration data provides limited audience insights, whereas engagement data tells a more compelling story – offering deeper understanding of audience preferences, behaviors, and engagement patterns.  

By honing in on key metrics such as attendee engagement levels, content consumption, session interactions and feedback, marketers can gain deeper insights into buyer behavior and preferences, laying the foundation for more targeted and impactful event strategies. 

Streamlining Event Engagement Data with Touchpoint Ignite 

Currently, 19% of marketers manage 4–7 different event technology providers to meet their needs (Forrester, 2023). What if you could significantly reduce this number with a single event technology solution? 

Touchpoint Ignite’s AI-powered event intelligence capabilities enable marketing professionals to seamlessly capture audience insights and buying signals from all types of attendees, be they in-person or virtual — and share them across their enterprise technology stack to drive revenue and customer success. 

By centralizing and harmonizing event data, organizations can: 

  • Access valuable buyer insights 
  • Identify behavioral trends 
  • Make data-driven decisions to enhance event planning, attendee experience, and overall event success  

Touchpoint Ignite streamlines event data orchestration by automating data workflows, providing real-time data updates, and robust reporting capabilities. This level of event data orchestration enables event organizers to have a holistic view of their events, understand attendee behavior and preferences, track performance metrics, and measure the impact of their events. Moreover, it helps in optimizing event strategies, improving event ROI, and delivering personalized and engaging experiences to attendees. 

The Power of an Intelligent Event App 

By embracing an AI and event intelligence-driven event app like Touchpoint Ignite, marketers can streamline data orchestration and gain a holistic view of their events. This approach not only improves the planning and execution of events but also enriches attendee experiences and optimizes event ROI, paving the way for more targeted and successful marketing efforts. 

Schedule a custom demo of Touchpoint Ignite for a firsthand look at how the power of AI and event intelligence can streamline your event data. 

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