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Red Hat Drives Pipeline & Achieves Operational Efficiency with Certain

See how Certain helped Red Hat standardize, automate and drive revenue from global events.
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About Red Hat

Red Hat is a leading provider of enterprise open source solutions that has a broad portfolio of technology, including hybrid cloud infrastructure, middleware, agile integration, cloud-native application development and management and automation solutions. With a comprehensive software portfolio, Red Hat continues to be at the forefront of open source innovation.


Computer Software

Company Size

1900 Employees / 100 locations
in 40 countries around the world

Key Certain Products

Platform, Touchpoint and Signal

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Need for Consistency Around Event Data

To support revenue generation, Red Hat hosts over 1,600 events annually. The company’s regional marketers needed to increase both the number of attendees and engagement quality, while delivering important insights that can drive future events. Each of the regional markers had their own unique way of managing and tracking events, which led to:

  • Little to no global standardization due to extensive customization
  • Inconsistencies in data collection and event intelligence
  • Inability to properly track anything beyond event attendance
  • Limited ability to measure event success
  • Difficulty in supporting regional event management
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An Intelligent Event Management Platform Built for Enterprises

Red Hat opted to replace its heavy customizations in order to take advantage of recent innovations from Certain, enabling the company with:

  • Innovative out-of-the-box global standardizations
  • Standardized global demographics profiles for data collection
  • Cohesive data collection, storage, and management
  • Regional localized event management customizations
  • Integrated reporting across their entire event portfolio

Certain has helped raise the bar on what we track, and we can now use event intelligence in a much broader way to improve both the marketing of events as well as the quality of event content.”

Certain Products Across Devices


Event Management At Its Best

With the Certain platform at the core, Red Hat now has a centralized hub-and-spoke model where the event technology team establish standards across all the region, which has led to:

  • Streamlined event management and execution
  • Improved quantity and quality of event attendees
  • Better event promotion, content, and intelligence
  • Quality insights such as registration, conversion, and persona interests
  • Easy integrations with other event automation and CRM solutions
  • Stronger foundation for Red Hat’s event marketing

Intelligent Global Visibility

Red Hat now has the high-impact visibility it needs to eliminate guesswork and provide for informed, data-driven decisions for end-to-end event management.

Flexibility and Agility

With four global regions, Red Hat can provide event marketers with the tools they need to enable better event management, execution, and intelligence.

As Certain innovates, we innovate as well. The flexibility and agility of the Certain platform has been very impressive, especially as Red Hat’s needs and requirements grow and scale up.”

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