Certain Event Intelligence Refreshed

certain event intelligence refreshed

Events are complex and managing your event data can be a challenging task. Event technology can serve as a powerful tool to collect rich attendee data and offer important insights that drive business outcomes. It enables you to build attendee profiles, measure engagement, and gauge buyer interests by capturing data that feeds straight to your marketing automation platform—simplifying the entire process to drive leads to their next step in the buying process.

Certain Event Intelligence helps you capture and transform your event data into actionable insights. It enables you to seamlessly track, visualize and optimize the performance of you events and create highly engaging and personalized attendee experiences. As a result, you boost your revenue and deliver results while centralizing and standardizing your event data. We have recently improved this solution to further make it easier to use. Read on to find out what has been updated and learn more about our upcoming enhancements.

A New Homepage to See All your Metrics at a Glance

We’ve updated the Certain Event Intelligence main page with an overarching homepage view or the cockpit. The enhancement lets you see a summary of your event metrics at a glance as you launch the application. The new cockpit provides you with a number of high-level indicators showing the performance of your events across the board. What’s more, the new cockpit offers you important alerts and insights–all within a single screen!

Smart, Actionable Insights & Alerts

Audience engagement is key to hosting successful events. It’s no secret that the more you know about your audiences, the better event experiences you can provide. It’s equally as important how quickly you learn about your attendees, including registration and engagement insights. Certain Event Intelligence does the heavy lifting for you. Certain Event Intelligence’s data engine goes through colossal attendee datasets and provides you with what needs your attention. By generating data-driven alerts our solution enables you to get notified in case, adjust, course correct your events as needed. Whether it is because of a drop rate in registrations, a session with fewer registrations expected or an outlier in your event data, this capability will offer you meaningful insights and recommendations to improve the performance of your events.

Simplified Navigation

Similarly, we have overhauled the navigation as we wanted to further simplify the functionality, making it easier for you to find the analysis that you’re looking for. The navigation menu and the event specific data filters are now accessible from all pages in the application.

Revamped Look & Feel

As part of our efforts to provide you with an exceptional user experience, we continue to incorporate ease-of-use across all our products including the Certain Event Intelligence. In addition to the updates to the functionality, we have also refreshed all the dashboards to provide you with a more modern user interface.

Event Intelligence Score

We have added yet another important indicator for you, called the Event Intelligence Score. You will find feature on your cockpit which helps enables you to see where your events stand and where you need to optimize. This feature gives you the ability to see if adjust a few things to get the most out of your events by improving that score.

Stay tuned for more Certain Event Intelligence updates including advanced analytics and additional features surrounding your attendee engagement. Looking to try out the updated version? Check out the Certain Event Intelligence page to learn more and contact one of our event experts to schedule a quick a demo.

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