Certain Launches Touchpoint Ignite: Transforming Events with Deep Audience Insights & Conversational AI 

SAN FRANCISCO–(PRWEB)–Certain Inc. today announced the launch of Touchpoint Ignite, a ground-breaking AI-powered event app designed to transform event engagement data into deep audience insights.

Certain empowers marketers to delve deeper into the behaviors and preferences of their event participants by offering an intuitive, conversational solution. Touchpoint Ignite provides marketers with context-rich buyer insights in an easy-to-understand visual format, delivering a comprehensive understanding of their audience beyond the basic registration insights.

Touchpoint Ignite enables marketing professionals to tailor their events more precisely, optimizing future events to deliver more effective event experiences, making every event moment count for maximum impact and business outcomes. By harnessing AI to analyze data signals before, during, and after events, Touchpoint Ignite delivers a comprehensive view of audience engagement across the entire event lifecycle.

Touchpoint Ignite features:

  • Certain’s award-winning Touchpoint event app
  • NEW—Touchpoint event intelligence, a set of plug-and-play visualizations for in-depth engagement insights
  • NEW—Touchpoint conversational experience, an AI-powered conversational interface providing valuable event business intelligence
  • NEW—Customizable templates and services designed to achieve the outcomes aligned with your business objectives

This powerful AI infused event app empowers marketing professionals to make data-driven decisions swiftly, ensuring every event moment is fully leveraged. The solution’s AI-powered conversational capabilities combined with deep audience insights with behavior tracking, provide event planners with a 360-degree view of their audience’s engagement, sentiment, interest levels and more.

Audiences are made up of buyers, prospects, customers and other key stakeholders. Understanding what matters to your participants is key to driving greater business outcomes and revenue from events,” said Certain’s CEO, Peter Micciche. “Touchpoint Ignite enables AI-based intelligent insight to drive meaningful interactive connections, transform audience engagement and convert data into actionable insights.”

An unparalleled opportunity is now available to unveil hidden audience insights, turning event data into dollars. By embracing this technology, event organizers can not only boost their revenue but also elevate the entire event experience, setting a new standard for excellence in the industry.

“Touchpoint Ignite is a game changer for the event industry,” said Christina Rasco, CEO of Attendee Management, “Marketers will be more compelled than ever to leverage technology at events of all kinds to gather data and insights and gain competitive advantage. We are excited at AMi to bring the benefits of AI to our customers and help them learn from engagement at their events to deliver better outcomes for attendees, sponsors and exhibitors alike.”

Certain’s mission “to provide measurable marketing insights and results with industry leading enterprise event solutions” accelerates with the addition of event intelligence and AI to its solutions.  Certain continues to anticipate the needs of event and marketing professionals, with Touchpoint Ignite, setting a new standard for excellence.

For more information about Touchpoint Ignite and how it can transform your events, please visit Certain.

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