Creating Meaningful Event Experiences with Data Integration

data integration

Data is a treasure trove of opportunities to help you grow your business. But to unlock its potential, you need technology that will allow you connect to any source, drive important insights, and deliver real-time data where you need it.

Today, marketing events generate a ton of data and marketers are able to capture more participant data than ever before. However, it’s not the data itself that provides value but rather the stories it tells you about your events–understanding how to leverage these valuable stories is the key to accelerating your pipeline.

The Importance of Event Data Integration

Event data integration is the process of capturing, storing, analyzing, and connecting attendee data to other technologies. Integration unleashes the power of data in many ways. It makes your data more accessible, more connected, and certainly more meaningful.

data integration quoteWith anywhere from 30-50% of all sales going to the agent who makes first contact, the ability to act in real-time can be the defining factor for successful event ROI. So it’s crucial to ensure that your event data is seamlessly integrated with your other sales and marketing technologies.

This will empower your sales and marketing teams to follow up throughout the event cycle with relevant, timely content and offers using a technology solution that syncs attendee data (such as sessions viewed, content downloaded, poll responses, etc.) in real time.

Integrate Your Event Data to Create Amazing Experiences

It’s no surprise that the more you know your audiences, the better you can serve them. Integrating your event data into your wider marketing strategy allows you to know where your customers are in the sales funnel and build a complete picture of their needs, preferences and pain points–and offer them better experiences.

  1. Increase Participant Engagement

    Utilizing integrated visualizations, you can obtain data and attach it to a larger picture to display the attendee experience. Learn more from your attendees’ data and create an experience designed for them.

  2. More Informed Follow-ups

    Follow-up is essential for increasing your company by turning prospects into customers. Certain’s data rules engine transforms data captured before and during an event, based on criteria you set, to inform immediate action. Using data from an integrated platform increases the efficiency of following up after an event.

  3. Two-Way Data Flows

    Two-way data flows refer to simultaneously tracking any changes in one system and updates the data in all the others. Certain converts event data into actionable signals through native, two-way integration with marketing automation–CRM and collaboration tools like Oracle Eloqua, Marketo and Salesforce. With Certain, you can gain control and governance over data; monitor the flow of data and ensure it is getting where it needs to go.

  4. Accelerate your Sales Cycle with Real-time Insights

    Your attendees tell you a lot about themselves by what they do at your event. We’ll help you enhance your lead scoring by sending this valuable info to your MA and CRM systems where you can immediately put it to work.

  5. Deliver Credible Event Metrics and Prove your Event Success

    With real-time insights and post-event reporting, you can closely monitor registrations, enhancing the buyer’s journey across the whole experience and ultimately boost ROI. Integrations also enable you to bring data to life in analytics, visualizations, and business intelligence applications.

  6. Get a Complete View of your Buyer Journey with One Source of Truth

    Integrated data ensures everyone has access to the same information (one source of truth) and metrics with a unified view of the buyer journey.

Connecting your Events to Results

It’s important to choose an event software that allows you to share data between the platform and your marketing technology stack. Certain works closely with clients in managing in-depth data integration projects, which helps save time, cut costs and improve data insight. Contact us today to see how our solutions can help you connect your events to results.

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