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Published in Hybrid Events category on (08/29/2022)

Tips for Boosting Virtual and Hybrid Event Registration

Virtual and hybrid events allow organizers to extend their reach to a maximum number of attendees. The key for boosting event registration starts with early engagement with your target audience. Having a clear understanding of your event objective will help you plan promotional messages that are personalized to your audiences. Create effective strategies for promoting […] (Read More)


Published in Hybrid Events category on (08/22/2022)

The Hybrid Event Advantage

Virtual events will continue to remain an option due to a new distributed workforce (remote work), travel restrictions, or budget cuts.  However, for many types of corporate events, there’s just no substitute for being in the same room with other people – the energy and creativity that come out of a shared experience are often […] (Read More)


Published in Audience Engagement category on (05/20/2022)

Hybrid Events: What Does the Attendee Engagement Journey Look Like?

When it comes to hybrid events, one of the earliest aspects of the planning phase is understanding what the attendee experience will look like from start to finish. From the moment they visit your event website, your guests will have unique needs and interests that will differ based on how they are attending, and what […] (Read More)