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Published in Business Value category on (01/10/2022)

Top 25 Locations for Corporate Events in San Francisco

Picture this: you’re an event planner sitting in your weekly status meeting, when suddenly your team looks over to you and tells you that they have a client who needs a cocktail party planned in San Francisco YESTERDAY. You have limited resources, limited budget and need to move fast…an event planner’s dream…Mmm, how about no. (Read More)

Published in CEO Corner category on (02/09/2012)

Is it time for a Chief Events Officer (CVO)?

Jane Holloway, the new CEO of F500 Inc. called a meeting with her Chief Marketing Officer, Rob Lopez and laid out a very ambitious vision positioning the company in the New Year and her goals for brand enhancement.  In a short period of time, Jane wanted employees, customers, partners and industry influencers on a worldwide […] (Read More)