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Published in Audience Engagement category on (06/28/2022)

7 Steps to Converting More Event Leads

The event technology you use to design, organize, and execute events can serve as a powerful tool to collect rich attendee data. Marketing events give you the opportunity to build deep attendee profiles, measure engagement, and gauge interests. According to a study by Live Marketing, 83% of brands say their #1 reason for running events […] (Read More)

engaging event experiences

Published in Audience Engagement category on (06/20/2022)

5 Tips for Highly Engaging Event Experiences

Why is it that over 1.35 billion people in the world are drawn to Facebook? How could such a seemingly simple platform be a portal that people spend an average of 21 minutes a day on? One reason: Engagement. (Read More)

virtual events, event data

Published in Attendee Tracking category on (06/17/2022)

Unlocking Event Marketing Success with Attendee Engagement Data

Attendee engagement plays a central role in virtual, in-person and hybrid event marketing for multiple reasons. On one level, it transforms a webinar, seminar or conference into an interactive experience – creating an opportunity for attendees, hosts and sponsors to create connections and build relationships. Often, this is what determines the difference between a memorable […] (Read More)