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Published in Audience Engagement category on (05/20/2022)

Hybrid Events: What Does the Attendee Engagement Journey Look Like?

As marketers turn their attention to hybrid events, mapping out the attendee journey is going to be essential for determining how to truly personalize the experience for your audience. From registration to post-event survey, your virtual, hybrid and in-person attendees will require specific information to help guide them through the process of knowing what to expect, where to go, and how to connect with fellow attendees – regardless of how they are joining.

When it comes to hybrid events, one of the earliest aspects of the planning phase is understanding what the attendee experience will look like from start to finish. From the moment they visit your event website, your guests will have unique needs and interests that will differ based on how they are attending, and what their goals and motivations are. 

The first step in designing the hybrid attendee journey is to look at the common thread that will unite each of your attendees, regardless of where they’re joining from: engagement. Engagement is crucial for both delivering an interactive and enjoyable experience for your hybrid or virtual event, as well as for gathering the valuable insights that come from your attendee engagement with you, your sponsors, and each other.

It’s the driving, capturing and acting on event engagement data that moves the needle for businesses who invest heavily in events as a marketing channel. With that in mind, we put together this infographic to as an example of how to tailor your event communications and marketing to each attendee type, while still promoting attendee-to-attendee engagement across your audiences:

Hybrid event success starts and ends with the attendee experience, and your attendee journey begins the moment they visit your event site and register for your event. Tailor your engagement with each guest to their registration type, while ensuring ways for guests to connect and interact regardless of where they’re joining from.