11 Practical Ideas for Your Mobile Strategy, Part 3: After the Event

Welcome back to “11 Practical Ideas for Your Mobile Strategy.” In our first two installments, we discussed how a mobile event app can enhance the event experience for all involved, while helping to assure an impressive return on investment (ROI). We also stressed the importance of fully leveraging your event app at every stage of the event cycle, and shared some ideas for doing so both prior to and during the event.

So you’ve now staged a successful event, and your mobile app played a critical role in achieving that success… But the benefits don’t stop there.

What follows are three key post-event strategies for maximizing your event app gains:

#9: Mine that Data

Beginning with the registration process, you gathered a wealth of valuable data about your guests. You learned about their backgrounds and special interests. You gained insight into their motivations for attending your event and what they hoped to explore.

Then, throughout the event—with interactive live polling, surveys and discussion boards—you learned what was on your guests’ minds in the moment, where their viewpoints converged and diverged with those of their colleagues. And, in rewarding your guests with digital badges for session check-ins, exhibitor booth visits and the exchange of virtual business cards, you learned more still about their interests.

It’s now time to reflect on what you’ve gathered. It’s time to sit down with your marketing and sales colleagues—and perhaps with your sponsors and exhibitors—and mine that data for the insights it has to offer. You now have in your possession a treasure trove of information—you’re certainly not going to just sit on it. It’s time to strategize.

Your marketing team now knows exactly what next-step content to place in the hands of a potential client, and your sales rep will go into that next meeting with more of an insider’s view of the client’s motivations and interests.

It’s all about increasing that speed to lead.

Bottom line: Learn from your experience. Regardless of how successful your event was, evaluate every aspect of it in order to inform the next one. This last event was your benchmark, now take it to the next level.

#10: Start Planning Ahead

When is it time to start planning your next event? You know the answer to that.

You’ve got all this data on who attended what and why. You’ve learned what worked and what didn’t—which sessions were best attended, which speakers were most enthusiastically received. You have a deeper understanding of what your guests would like to gain from the next event.

Compare what your attendees told you about their interests prior to the event with their activities throughout it: the exhibitor booths they visited, what they downloaded, the comments they posted. Maybe their interests are evolving.

Bottom line: Learn from your experience. It’s an ongoing exploration, leave no stone unturned. Regardless of how successful your event was, evaluate every aspect of it in order to inform the next one. This last event was your benchmark, now take it to the next level.

#11: Stay in Touch

Though your event has concluded, conversation with your guests should be continuous. Send out a post-event survey. Ask for their feedback on the success of the event, what insights they gained, what they’d like to experience at the next event.

Now share this feedback—as well as the feedback you collected from surveys and polls throughout the event—with your attendees. Continue to encourage interaction, get them looking forward to the next gathering. Make them a part of the planning process.

As the facilitator of this conversation, think broadly. Pose big-picture questions related to your attendees’ common interests, and provide them with a forum for sharing views.

We know that it can be difficult to make the case for investment in a new event technology tool. We trust that we’ve provided you with some seriously compelling reasons that an investment in a mobile event app will be a solid one.

Of course, it must the right app, and you must use it wisely—before, during and after your event.

Contact us today for more info on our award-winning mobile event app, Certain Touchpoint.

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