Certain Touchpoint Awarded ‘Best Event Management Mobile App’ by MarTech Breakthrough

We’re honored to share that Certain Touchpoint, our mobile event app, was named Best Event Management Mobile App by the MarTech Breakthrough Awards! The  MarTech Breakthrough Awards recognize the most innovative companies, technologies and products in marketing, sales and ad technology. This year, the competition was stiff—the program received more than 2,000 nominations from over 12 different countries.

Even if you’re already acquainted with our mobile app, here’s a refresher: Certain Touchpoint takes strategic advantage of the fact that people already spend a good amount of time on their smartphones at events. Attendees use their smartphones to engage with events in multiple ways: tweeting, sharing photos, staying on top of emails and more. With an event mobile app, businesses can meet attendees where they already are.

By capturing attendee data via mobile prior to an event—for example, during the registration process—companies can offer a more individualized experience. Enhanced personalization capabilities allow businesses to tailor their event materials—including meeting schedules, surveys, presentations and discussion boards—and utilize key information from attendees.

For example, if an attendee selects which sessions he or she is planning to attend during the event, the company can send him or her an email in real time with an offer or message relevant to those sessions. What’s more, after the event, attendee feedback collected through an app can reveal valuable insights on audience preferences, interests and pain points, including which sessions were most favorable and the keynotes that generated the most engagement.

With a mobile app like Touchpoint, event managers can use data intelligently to provide specialized information for attendees that will create lasting impact for the business.

Touchpoint’s customizable mobile app interface provides attendees with on-the-go access to event logistics like venues and local points of interest, and an up-to-date listing of event speakers and attendees. Most importantly, the app gives attendees an easy way to communicate with each other through discussion boards, photo sharing and a social wall, and gamification elements where individuals earn “badges” for attending certain sessions.

Our recent Event Marketing Playbook highlights all of the creative ways companies can turn key data points captured before, during and after an event via mobile into strategic insights to foster meaningful connections with and between attendees.

We’re thrilled to share, too, that Certain’s MarTech Breakthrough Award win comes as the company has also been named finalist for the Best Sales Automation Tools & Platform category of the Digiday Technology Awards. Winners for that award will be announced via Facebook Live on September 5.

Read more about our MarTech Breakthrough Award win in our press release here.

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