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Published in Attendee Tracking category on (06/17/2022)

Unlocking Event Marketing Success with Attendee Engagement Data

Attendee engagement plays a central role in virtual, in-person and hybrid event marketing for multiple reasons. On one level, it transforms a webinar, seminar or conference into an interactive experience – creating an opportunity for attendees, hosts and sponsors to create connections and build relationships. Often, this is what determines the difference between a memorable […] (Read More)


Published in Attendee Tracking category on (05/09/2022)

5 Important Event Metrics You Should Be Tracking

Event metrics allow marketers to measure their event’s success, effectively communicate the impact with the executives, and optimize events to improve ROI. Without this data, it can be exceedingly tough to analyze the success of your events, or to know how to improve. Today, marketers understand that Event Intelligence plays an important role in their […] (Read More)


Published in Attendee Tracking category on (04/04/2022)

Creating Meaningful Event Experiences with Data Integration

Data is a treasure trove of opportunities to help you grow your business. But to unlock its potential, you need technology that will allow you connect to any source, drive important insights, and deliver real-time data where you need it. Today, marketing events generate a ton of data and marketers are able to capture more […] (Read More)