Why Integrating Event and Marketing Automation is Key to Scaling Events

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A Guide on How to Grow Your In-Person Event Program

69% of B2B marketers consider in-person events effective, making the need for scaling events one of the most important strategies for modern marketers. Events present great opportunities to promote your product, network, and collect rich data that can then be used later by your marketing and sales teams. Because of new technology, events enable marketers to capture a wealth of information, and by utilizing marketing and event automation, you can increase lead conversion and scale your events across your enterprise. Here is an overview of the valuable tips you will learn in our How Marketing and Event Automation Help You Scale Enterprise Events guide.

Why Integrating Marketing and Event Automation Enables Marketers to Scale Events

Event Automation enables marketers to easily sync actionable attendee data captured at events with your marketing automation system. By integrating both your event and marketing automation systems, you can begin automating tedious tasks, such as automatically suppressing invites to attendees that have already registered, while still sending invites to those who haven’t. You can also capture a detailed log of every single interaction that an attendee has with your business before, during, and after an event. Then, you can map that data from your event automation system back into your marketing automation system. Finally, you can use that data to create more personalized content for lead scoring and give your sales team the keys for timely follow-up.

Marketers and event professionals can also collect data on attendees through their Event Automation system, like which booths they attended during their event, or which speakers they listened to. Additionally, Event Automation gives marketers the ability to capture rich attendee data in their registration forms by allowing a high degree of personalization and customization in their form fields. Marketers also have the ability to integrate all of their data into omni-channel marketing campaigns that accelerate the sales cycle and deliver credible event ROI.

In many ways, integrating marketing and event automation is fundamental to scaling your event programs. By doing this, marketers can access hundreds of event engagement buying signals, e.g. session attendance, demos, booth visits, and tailored polls and custom surveys. It also enables branding control and customizable admin or user dashboards, and provides user-friendly online registrations, agenda management, and appointment scheduling capabilities.

So, now you know why integrating both marketing and event automation is so important in scaling your event. But there is another helpful all-encompassing tool you can use to do this: Event Technology.

Growing Your Event Program With Event Technology

Event technology allows marketers to scale and expand their enterprise events, but it can also be used in unison with other technology like marketing and event automation. So what else can it help you do?

Utilize a Mobile App

By using a mobile event app, synced with your event automation and marketing automation systems, you can provide your attendees with a highly personalized event agenda right at their fingertips. Not only that, you can engage with audiences and collect valuable data through live polling during sessions and keynotes, or a follow-up survey after the session is over.

Manage Complex Events

By using Event Automation, you can manage scheduling, appointments, speakers, and calls for papers for all of your events, on a single platform. With Event Automation, marketers can easily plan, execute, and follow-up after events by leveraging registration information and live event data. Because of its ability to eliminate operational inefficiencies, Event Automation enables marketing teams to manage a large amount of complex events with ease and grow their event program.

Event Automation takes away tedious tasks from marketers and provides them with tools that can be leveraged before, during, and after an event. Using Event Automation makes planning enterprise events fluid and easy, collecting data and automating time-consuming manual tasks.

With automation of tasks such as sending target emails/invitations, the transfer of attendee data to marketing automation, and the ability to use an event app, marketers can easily scale their events to any size they need. Overall, integrating Event Automation with marketing automation enables marketers to scale their events. Event Automation is a fundamental part of scaling your events, and with it, planning, executing, and following up after an enterprise event is easier than ever, with less stress and more productivity!

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