Understanding your Event Intelligence

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Data is the secret weapon behind some of the most successful B2B marketing campaigns, and it can also be the silent killer of great campaigns otherwise destined for success. Event marketers must prove ROI to secure funds for future marketing endeavors. To ensure that you are tapping into quality event data, it’s important that you are both gathering the right data and deriving actionable intelligence that is relevant to your event goals. To make the most of your data and attendee insights, you must understand the steps necessary to effectively measure and increase return on investment across your global events.

event intel dataTechnology makes it possible to collect data from every attendee touchpoint—starting even before they register and when they attend and engage with you during the event, and when they download your content post-event.

While data collection has become much easier, event marketers can now face an opposite problem: data overload. Using this data requires analyzing the significant aspects of an event and having meaningful goals in place before launching an event. By identifying and understanding the patterns of your audience’s behavior and engagement, you are able to tell the full story of your global events program.

If your event goal is to increase attendee engagement, you must measure various aspects of your event. With event marketing, you can unify data, allowing event marketers a powerful 360 view of every aspect of your event workflow, event programming, and event lifecycle.

With the wealth of data collected from virtual, in-person and hybrid events, it’s important to have an event data strategy in place and understand the steps needed to make the most of your events. If this all sounds a bit daunting, set your worries aside; this playbook was written to help marketers like you.

In this eBook, you’ll learn on how to:

  • Define Your Event Goals & Success Metrics
  • Make Your Event Data Truly Actionable
  • Get Teams Aligned Around Event Data
  • Unify & Visualize Your Event Data
  • Maximize ROI with Event Intelligence

Certain’s end-to-end event management and intelligence platform helps data-driven marketers deliver truly engaging attendee experiences by capturing intend data and transforming it into rich buying signals—enabling them to track, visualize and take actions in real-time and help increase their global event ROI.

If you want to learn how to successfully measure and maximize the impact of your next event, contact us today to speak to one of our event experts.

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