Why Personalization is a Must for Event Experiences

Personalization is infiltrating every aspect of day-to-day life through the form of automated customization. From smart speakers elevating morning routines to connected cars equipped with virtual assistants, it’s clear that consumers expect technology to easily automate tasks and adapt to their individual preferences in order to fit their daily needs.

At events, the expectation of an individualized experience can make or break marketers’ ability to retain engagement. A better understanding of data preferences helps advertisers and brands cut through the noise and reach customers with a resonating message.

With Certain, users can leverage attendee insights ranging from what sessions were attended to what they posted on social, in order to better understand potential buyer’s current positioning in the customer journey, while capturing over 300 data-points for personalized marketing efforts.

Context Boosts Attendee Engagement

When attendees arrive at events, they are often overwhelmed and forced to manage packed schedules filled with keynote panels, breakout sessions, demonstrations, 1:1 meetings and beyond. These are all opportunities to engage prospects in real time, when they are most likely to buy. Understanding how your prospect has engaged with your brand in the past across channels will enable you to deliver a better customer experience pre, during and post-event, ultimately extending the customer journey. This means more ROI for businesses.

In order to deliver on the expectation of a consistent experience, marketers must tailor messaging in real-time, across channels. Integrating rich buying signals and attendee insights at scale, will facilitate the execution of a more effective omni-channel marketing campaign.

According to the Heinz Survey Report, marketers are stuck with an ineffective mix of tools and tech, 75% of B2B professionals report their current mix of technology and resources are ineffective, resulting in lost data around leads, spend, and revenue. This further proves that a deeper understanding of prospects enables marketers to foster relationships that extend the customer journey and generate revenue over longer periods of time, funneling new lead-gen and improving the sales pipeline.

Adapting to Event Data

Beyond customer engagement, data allows marketers to gauge sentiment. If particular messaging, a demonstration or presentation didn’t perform as expected, marketers can easily make adjustments to get back on track.

Knowing how a customer feels about a particular interaction gives transparent feedback to the marketer on what is working (or not working). For example, if an event attendee sent a general query asking for more information on the business after an in-person interaction at the event and a week goes by without a response, they aren’t going to be happy.

Certain’s enterprise marketer benchmark survey found a majority of respondents take four or more days to follow up with leads from events. As several studies have shown, the longer you wait to engage prospects from events, the less likely they are to convert to customers. Capitalizing on solutions and tools that allows marketers to better use data to qualify and follow up on leads and could greatly increase the results from these events.

Tangible Results

Bottom line, we live in an age where consumers demand preference-based customization – in all areas of their life. Effective personalization at scale leads to a loyal fanbase of brand advocates. This is the year that evolving enterprise event technology enables marketers to leverage real-time data insights, in order to progress alongside a buyer’s journey, convert more customers and generate more ROI from events.

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