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May 04, 2020 — San Francisco, CA — Certain, the industry leader in enterprise event automation, today announced the release of Certain Digital, its newest digital events solution. With this new solution, Certain empowers marketers to deliver truly engaging experiences and connect with attendees virtually through its enterprise-grade event automation platform and seamless integrations with leading webcasting and online meeting platforms including Zoom and ON24.

As businesses reevaluate their events strategy, the question facing so many marketers is how to deliver results from a series of online events that replicates the energy and attendee experience of face-to-face events. The challenge is finding the right solution to not only offer the most engaging and dynamic experience across events, regardless of size, volume or event type(s) but to capture intent data at scale to fuel demand generation efforts.

With Certain Digital, marketers are empowered to:

Personalize the event journey from the start

    • — Create a fully branded, dynamic event website and consistent registration experience for attendees, from simple webinars to highly focused ABM or account-specific digital events.


    • rich insights from the start to help power a tailored event journey for guests across a single event or series of events.

Engage at all levels — Design an experience that fosters attendee engagement and interaction through use of the Certain Touchpoint second-screen engagement app. The second-screen engagement app allows attendees to view content, interact with sessions and speakers, exhibitors and one another. Marketers can then capture these rich attendee insights to power personalized demand generation campaigns.

Power real-time sales & marketing follow up — Collect engagement and intent data and move it anywhere, anytime throughout the technology stack to trigger intelligent, immediate action from your sales and marketing teams.

Offer a seamless attendee experience across all digital events — Deliver a personalized event journey through webinar session launch with a seamless login experience, digital session registration and tracking, responsive time-zone display and notifications, and seamless integrations with leading webinar and online meeting platforms including Zoom, ON24 and more.

Scale your digital events with peace of mind — Manage tens, hundreds or thousands of digital events consistently and at scale, supported by the power of our enterprise-grade, secure platform.

“Thanks to Certain, we were able to quickly transition in-person events to virtual seminars. This format has proved to be very effective — it gives us a digital platform to keep in touch with our customers during this difficult time from the safety of their homes or offices. The Certain Digital solution provides a very efficient way for us to add additional sessions and events as our business needs evolve.”
— Shakirah Drumbore, Events Coordinator at Oticon

“Now more than ever, people are looking for new ways to connect with their communities.” Says Peter Micciche, CEO of Certain. “With the release of Certain Digital, we’re helping businesses explore new ways of connecting with their audiences at scale through powerful engagement and a truly personalized journey for each individual attendee across all of their events — digital and in-person.”

As the events industry works to navigate what can best be described as an uncertain time, innovative companies are acting quickly to broaden the scope of their events. With their newest solution, Certain offers enterprise companies a breadth of capabilities to help deliver a seamless and engaging experience for their attendees across events of all types — digital, in-person or hybrid — no matter where they are in the world.

For more information on Certain Digital, visit our website.

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Certain provides the leading enterprise digital and live event automation  platform that helps data-driven marketers and event professionals integrate rich buying signals and attendee insights to improve sales and marketing results. Certain partners with hundreds of companies across tens of thousands of global events to help drive measurable business results from their events. Visit certain.com  for more information.

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