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Certain Releases New Improvements to Product Suite

Certain strives to continuously improve and expand its suite of products and solutions to support event professionals from marketing executives to registration managers—and everyone in between. Certain’s latest release (8.0) combines a mix of strategic and tactical features that help empower users to make the most of their events, be they virtual, in-person or a mix of both. The new release offers new capabilities and notable improvements including:

  • Email Analytics
  • Event Intelligence
  • Admin User Experience
  • Session Management
  • Extension of Tags

Email Analytics

Included with the Certain 8.0 release is the addition of email analytics. This powerful feature allows marketers to get insights into the email delivery including open rates, bounce rates, mass action capabilities as well as timelines of registration emails. This feature empowers users to level up their email marketing game by enabling them to:

  • Successfully measure effectiveness of their mass action (sends)
  • Retain evidence of the email delivery
  • Streamline the process with cleaner lists
  • Act on results for greater engagement and ROI

Certain Event Intelligence

Certain Event Intelligence is our latest turn-key solution that transforms high-intent data across your global events into actionable insights—helping you create highly personalized attendee experiences that drive greater revenue. Powered by industry’s only real-time event data engine, Certain Event Intelligence continually collects, analyzes, and extracts important insights from your events to enable you to visualize impact across your global events—all in one platform. The solution allows you to seamlessly scale from relatively simple and small meetings to very large, multi-day, multi-track conferences. By identifying the patterns of your audience’s behavior, you can tell a complete story of your events, take important actions to boost revenue, and reduce the cost of managing events.

Admin User Experience

As part of this release, we’ve refreshed the Registration Overview page in Platform, which is the most visited page across the application. We’ve applied the same look and feel as the Event Setup Dashboard to this page. We’ve also added a header that prominently displays the most important attendee data – including the attendee type and registration status, so it’s immediately visible from all pages within the registration. In addition to only displaying fields with responses, we have also collapsed less commonly used sections by default and have consolidated mass actions into a compact select list, freeing up valuable real estate that they previously occupied. One of the most trafficked features in the app is our Custom Reports. We’ve overhauled the report list with a cleaner look and feel and new options to search reports by name and by tag. Lastly, we’ve replaced a number of radio button with drop-down menus, removed irrelevant columns and collapsed less commonly used ones to reduce clutter from the UI.

Session Management Enhancements

Certain 8.0 release adds support for automatic processing of registrants who are waitlisted for sessions when space becomes available. Registrants who were added to the waitlist are moved from a waitlisted status to a registered status based on first in first out saving valuable time on a previously manual process. The session scheduler interface has been updated to include a new option to schedule sessions without a location which was a requirement previously and eliminates the need to create dummy virtual locations.

Extension of Tags

We have extended the ability to associate tags to 8 additional objects, primarily as a foundation for future development – however, you’ll notice that we’ve already begun to allow filtering of those options in their respective lists.


Home Layout: Instead of being restricted to a single image, Touchpoint users can now add multiple images. They can select transition animations and create a dynamic rotating carousel of images. Additionally, each image can now have a link assigned to it that can link to a webpage or even in-app links while Touchpoint tracks every click for you.

Translations: We have added many labels and buttons throughout the web app to our translated content. Additionally, the web app now prompts the user to select their preferred language(s) before entering the app, easing the user experience within multi-lingual apps.

Favicon: We now brand the web app tab within the browser using the “App Icon”. This enables users to distinguish the event more easily when navigating between other content.

Import/export Private Sessions: Content managers can now perform bulk actions via export and import on private sessions when needed.

Bulk Unlock: Previously the only way to unlock an attendee was by navigating to the list of locked out attendees, select an attendee, then unlock from that attendees profile. This can now be done in bulk from the list of locked out attendees.

Platform to Touchpoint Links: We now allow tagging of the platform sessions with text area custom fields with “Touchpoint: Related Link” so that they appear as “related links” within Touchpoint. This is very useful when you have a number of Zoom links for example.

Social moderation: Previously this was a single, enormous table that contained the social object (video, post, photo) next to every comment in an adjacent row within that table. When you start to see a large number of comments on a single item (live stream for example), this appeared unwieldy. We not only improved the UI, but added a few more filtering options like the date range, etc.

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