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virtual events

Published in Event Planning category on (12/10/2020)

Certain’s Virtual Event Marketing Checklist Part One: Pre-Event

Virtual & Hybrid Event Marketing Checklist: Pre-Event Phase (at least three months before the virtual event)   2020 will go down as the year that universally brought virtual events into greater prominence for businesses. For many marketing teams, strategizing and executing virtual events has been an all-new playing field. And while many marketers have seen […] (Read More)

hybrid event planning

Published in Event Planning category on (10/20/2020)

Hybrid Event Planning & Execution: A Few Critical Considerations

Hybrid Event Planning & Execution With events going fully-digital in 2020, the prospect of re-introducing the in-person element to events is becoming an exciting (albeit a little scary) reality for planners and marketers. Though people are certainly craving that face-to-face experience, in-person gatherings will be small scale and largely local for the foreseeable future – and […] (Read More)

corporate event management

Published in Event Planning category on (02/28/2020)

Leaders of Event Strategy: The Shifting Role of Event Planners

Event planners often wear many hats – from conducting venue research and negotiating contracts, to building event websites and program agendas. As a project management and logistics-heavy role, the opportunity is great for event planners to be able to leverage the data and insights they have into the run-of-show to make strategic recommendations for the […] (Read More)