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Using Social Media to Increase Engagement at Digital Events

This new decade of events may not be what we had in mind, but with our world being more virtual than ever, social media can make a huge difference in the way we stay connected. With many companies transitioning to digital events, platforms like Instagram or Twitter can completely influence the way attendees are virtually engaging with one another. Here are a few ways that adding social media to your event strategy can guarantee attendee-to-attendee engagement during your digital events.

Finding Connections

Who said networking was only successful in-person? There are so many ways that social media can be utilized to connect with others, especially during your digital events. Have attendees add their social media handles to their event app profile, making it easier to interact with one another in and outside of the event. Want to take it a step further? Leverage different technologies and API’s that social platforms provide to enhance your event engagement. Think Twitter ID’s, LinkedIn connections, and even Instagram stories that you can provide within your digital event.

Many event mobile apps, like Certain Touchpoint, also contain an activity feed feature — something similar to a social media platform that is located directly within your event app. Encourage attendees to share their event experience by posting photos of their very own event space (okay…their desk), sharing where they might be tuning in from, and commenting on each other’s posts. This can bring some camaraderie and humanity to what might seem like a completely virtual world.

Hashtag Your Event

Using a hashtag throughout your whole event can have many benefits. A few tips? Keep it short, simple and unique to your event. For example, Salesforce decided on a straightforward hashtag (#df19) for its largest conference of the year. It was both unique to their event and short enough that it didn’t take up the character limit when used by attendees on social media. During your planning process, it’s important to make sure the hashtag will be visible throughout the whole event. This could include displaying it on social channels, press releases, registration pages, event webpages, mobile apps, etc. Having a hashtag to promote your event from start to finish builds brand awareness and is a great way to gauge event engagement across platforms.

Dedicated Chat Groups

Creating dedicated chat groups and channels can be another great way to get conversations started and increase community amongst your attendees. Already having attendee registration information, utilize an event app’s messaging features to have people chat one-on-one, or even create group chats based on their profiles and session interests. Another option is using a messaging platform, such as Slack. Create channels for specific interests, idea sharing, or even general networking to keep your attendees talking pre, during, and post-event.

Incorporate Influencers

Event hosts, speakers, and influencers can have an immense impact on your digital event. Believe it or not, most influencers have a higher engagement rate than brands themselves. It makes sense why 93% of marketers are using influencer marketing as part of their marketing strategy. Likely, your speakers or influencers are well known in the industry which gives your attendees a great opportunity to interact with them while also getting a taste of what the event content will be like.

Whether it be hosting a live Q&A session, a video sharing a sneak peek of the session they’ll be hosting, or a Twitter chat, using an influencer to start conversations between your attendees can excite your audience for what is yet to come at your digital event.

Even now, businesses continue to recognize the value of face-to-face human interaction and incorporating everyday platforms that are at the tips of our fingers is one of the best ways to bring a state of togetherness to our digital world. Interested in finding out how you can elevate your digital event strategy even further? Contact our team for more information.

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