The 2020 Guide to Digital Event Success

Get the top tips, strategies and best practices for event professionals and marketers as they navigate the migration from in-person to digital events.

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As we make our way through what can best be described as a truly uncertain spring events season, one thing is becoming clear to many of us: we miss getting together, both personally and professionally. It’s part of what has historically made event success such an important player in business and marketing strategies over the years.

Opportunities to gather with your colleagues, prospects and customers, in small groups or large, in convention centers, conference rooms or the hotel lounge after hours – it’s safe to say we’re also missing these opportunities to connect.

As businesses turn their meeting efforts online, the question facing so many event professionals and marketers is how to replicate that invaluable energy of a face-to-face event. Let’s face it, the simple truth is, well, you can’t. And that’s okay — that’s the power of human connection. But that doesn’t mean you’re out of options or have to start from scratch to get your attendees excited, engaged and interacting.

More About The 2020 Guide to Digital Event Success

Hosting successful digital events relies on a number of varying factors, so we put together this resource to help navigate what that entails, what factors to consider, and what options are available at this time.

Download this ebook for tips, strategies and best practices on:

  • Measuring Digital Event Success
  • Evaluating Your Options
  • Attendee-to-Attendee Engagement
  • Digital Event Marketing, Promotion and Communication With Attendees
  • Effective, Personalized Post-Event Follow-Up
  • And more!
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