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Top Resources to Include in Your Resource Library

Want to increase and update your marketing resource library? The modern marketing landscape is constantly changing and evolving, meaning that sources of information are changing as well. A resource that was once relevant becomes irrelevant and a new one takes its place rapidly. Because of this, it is hard to maintain a well-kept marketing resource library that has up-to-date and relevant information for all your marketing needs. But don’t worry! Ahead of you is a carefully selected list of resources (in no particular order) for general marketers, event planners, demand gen professionals, and event marketers.



From SEO toolsets to improving search rankings and driving traffic, Moz’s product helps marketers near and far. Not only that, their blog is a fantastic resource for those wanting to learn about SEO. It includes advice, research, how-tos, and insights from top industry leaders and experts, all geared towards learning and improving your SEO skills.

Search Engine Land

Search Engine Land is your go-to site for anything and everything pertaining to the search marketing industry. It is a daily news coverage site that offers breaking stories, industry trends, feature announcements, and product changes about popular platforms used by search marketers. Check it out and learn something new!


Buffer’s blog is full of interesting content geared towards social media and online marketing. Their blog offers industry news and trends, case studies, social media and online marketing tips and tricks, and even podcasts. If you are a social media or online marketer utilize this blog, you will learn a lot.

Oh and Buffer also has a culture blog, filled with interesting posts about self-improvement, diversity, productivity, remote work, etc. So check it out!

Content Marketing Institute

Founded by Joe Pulizzi, Content Marketing Institute is the hot spot if you’re wanting to learn about content marketing. It is the leading global content marketing education and training organization featuring articles, resources, tools, events, consulting, and even training for those in the content marketing field. It is a great resource for people beginning in this industry, as well as those more experienced content marketers. Take some time to explore this resource, there’s something for everyone.

Convince and Convert

Convince and Convert is a group of strategic advisors that work with companies to create top of the line digital marketing and customer experience. They also have a blog that has rich content and consultation for social media and content marketing. Their blog covers topics on influencer marketing, customer experience, content marketing, and social media. They also have podcasts and books you can check out to rock your job as a marketer.


The Integrate blog is a great source of insights for demand marketers. They consistently have thought-provoking, interesting content such as tips and tricks, solutions to problems, thought pieces, survival guides, and informative content. For all of you demand marketers, this resource is a must read.


Want to know more about landing page and conversion optimization? Then Unbounce is the marketing resource for you. Unbounce knows all there is about CRO and landing pages as they empower companies to create a better marketing experience. Check this blog out for solid, informative content.

Marketing Insider Group

Marketing Insider Group’s Michael Brenner is considered one of the top business, content, and social media marketers, creates a one of a kind blog. This blog is perfect for those in content or social media marketing, or anyone wanting to get a better understanding of marketing strategies. It features tips and tricks, opinion pieces, and insights into the marketing landscape.


Inbound marketing pioneer, Hubspot, hosts a great blog to check out if you’re a marketer or salesperson. They provide top tips, information, and solutions for inbound marketers that are easily digestible and interesting. They are consistently posting, so there is never a lack of new content.

Heinz Marketing Blog

Heinz Marketing Blog is your everyday B2B sales and marketing resource for top industry insights. Matt Heinz, nationally recognized blogger and author and president of Heinz Marketing, is always making sure his blog is filled with new and relevant content tailored towards marketing and sales alignment. So if you’re looking for valuable insight, and ways to unite marketers and sales teams, then this is a great resource. is a great source for online marketers. Their content comes from experienced online marketers and doesn’t stray far from pure SEO content. All things posted on this blog are focused on SEO best practices, optimization, SEO tools and tech, etc. If you’re interested in learning more about SEO and have been needing a good online resource, here it is.


GrooveHQ, a customer service software, doesn’t focus on one type of industry. Instead, their blog provides information for different professions. From content marketing to customer service, there is a numerous amount of interesting and educational reads. They have a really cool blog format, which is eye catching and is easily navigated. Check it out for tech news, content best practices, and customer service tips and tricks.

Marketing Profs

From Ann Handley, a veteran of creating and managing digital content and building relationships for organizations and individuals comes Marketing Profs. This fantastic site has tons of different topics, all of which are consistently updated with fresh content. A few topics include content, brand awareness, email marketing, market research, graphic design, and much more. For anyone in the marketing industry, this is the site for you. Take a glance at Ann Handley’s site and learn everything there is to know about content marketing.


MarketingSherpa is a great place to go for practical case studies, research, and training for marketers as well as data on email, lead generation, and social media. Alongside this, their blog is an excellent source of information for all aspects of marketing. They touch on a wide range of topics so take a peek!

Groove Digital Marketing

Different from GrooveHQ, Groove Digital Marketing has great content on inbound marketing. Topics include analytics, blogging, branding, case studies, lead nurturing, marketing automation and much more. Check them out if you’re looking for a wide variety of marketing information that is constantly updated!


Contently’s blog, The Content Strategist, is a resource full of content marketing news and analysis. This blog covers numerous different topics, with eye-catching graphics and interesting headlines. Contently knows how to do content marketing right, so, take some time out of your day and read their content if you’re interested in branding, media, social media, ROI, and content marketing tips.


Impact Branding and Design, one of the top inbound marketing agencies in the world, consists of 30 certified inbound marketing specialists, so you know you’re going to get good content. Their blog is a great source for those interested in inbound marketing, sales, design, and CRO.

CMO, by Adobe, is a good place to go for digital marketing insights, expertise, and inspiration. Made by marketing leaders for marketing leaders, this resource is everything marketing. From featured news and interviews to opinions and a marketing newsfeed. If you’re a marketing leader check this site out.


WordStream, online advertising made easy, is a resource for those focused on PPC and click rates. It has tips, formulas, best tools, and solutions to all your PPC questions and issues. Learn about mobile marketing tools, how to raise SEO click-through rates, and even guides to tracking, targeting, and driving conversions on Facebook. This resource has valuable content. Take a look!

marketing resources wordstream

Event Planners

Endless Entertainment

Endless Entertainment is an event production company and they know a thing or two about planning events. For all you event planners out there, their blog, HelloEndless, is a great source for tips, tricks, and trends for anything event related. Learn how to be the best event planner using this resource!

Thoughtfully Simple

Thoughtfully Simple isn’t the same as most B2B event planning blogs. However, it has really awesome DIY projects that can be used for any B2B event. From food and drink, entertainment, and decoration, this site is a good resource for interesting and innovative designs and solutions for any type of event planning problem. Read about blogger burnout, find out a good recipe for simple Halloween treats for that Halloween party you’re planning, or a DIY cactus ring toss game that can be placed around the venue you are setting up at. This blog is great for some event planning inspiration no matter the industry you’re planning for!

Special Events

Special Events in an online magazine with tons of different resources for event planners. Learn what’s going on in the event industry with news of well-known events, discover new event tools that you can utilize, and even get an idea for venue decor. This site has it all!

Velvet Chainsaw

Yes, the name may sound scary, but the content is fantastic. Velvet Chainsaw consulting is helping companies improve annual meetings, conferences, and education. Their site comes equipped with their blog, Midcourse Correction, and an interesting place called Brain Candy. Each of these locations has great information on planning events and conferences, along with newsletters, videos, ebooks, and webinars.

Event Planners Associate

The name says it all. This is a great resource for all event planners. Here is your experienced guide to event planning. Explore this site for expert advice on business, event planning, maintaining clientele, branding your company, increasing revenue, and outsourcing, etc. They regularly feature guests on their blog, making it a diverse location for event planners to get rich information on their industry.

Social Tables

Social Tables is the #1 resource for meetings and hospitality. Although this isn’t a B2B event planning blog, there are still valuable insights within it. They have a section on event planning, properties and hospitality, customer stories, and city guides. All things event planners need in their tool belts. Here you can get the inside scoop on event technology, catering, event marketing, hotels, and 4 city guides.

Unique Venues

At Unique Venues’ blog, you will find event planning tips and strategies for putting on killer events. Categories include venues, marketing tips, planner tips, special event venues, and other venue information. This blog stays up-to-date with the changing industry and provides event planners interesting content to help plan the location of their event. Take a look if you’re needing some venue inspiration!

Event Manager Blog

This well-known blog is the leader in event planning tips and tricks, education, entertainment, and opinions. The blog provides readers with interesting information all about events and event planning and even comes equipped with free resources such as ebooks and guides without even filling out a questionnaire. Get good, consistent content for all your event planning needs and interests.

B2B Event Management

A great site for B2B Event Planners. Get top tips, recommendations, best practices, and opinions for exhibiting at events or hosting events. This is a great source to understanding the ins and outs of B2B events and making sure you’re doing everything right.

marketing resources b2b

Event Marketer


Certain, the leading enterprise event automation platform, has a fantastic blog (if we do say so ourselves). The blog is great for data-driven marketers and event professionals and offers tips and tricks, strategies, metrics, and digital marketing essentials. This blog covers a wide array of marketing topics, some of which are email marketing, marketing automation, event automation, event tech, etc. Check this blog out, it has something for everyone.

Oracle Marketing Cloud Blog

The Oracle Marketing Cloud blog is also a great resource for B2B event marketers. Their content is tailored towards those using marketing automation, social media marketing, content marketing, email marketing, lead generation, and modern marketing. As you can see, they cover a lot of aspects of marketing. Take information away from the top CRM management system and put it towards your own marketing strategy. Their tips and tricks, solutions, and opinions are all valuable to learn and understand.

Event Marketer

Event Marketer is a great source for those who are creating the brand experience. This content is tailored towards both B2C and B2B event marketers and discusses technology, experiences, and how you can make your brand experience even better.


Plannerwire is everything you need to know about events. From conference planning, event technology, and event marketing, this site has what all event marketers need. They have checklists, tips and tricks, and opinions focused on the event marketing landscape. Plannerwire is a team of the best meeting planners and technology experts, so the content here is solid. Don’t miss out!


For all you technologically savvy event marketers, this site is for you. techsyTalk states that it is an education and entertainment platform created to elevate the conversation around the discovery and implementation of new, modern technology. If you’re looking to expand your marketing toolset into the technology realm, this site is a great resource.

The Meeting Pool

Another great event technology resource, The Meeting Pool has everything from industry resources and an event industry calendar, to articles and posts geared towards event technology breaking news and tips and tricks. Really interesting content so definitely take a look!’s Audience Interaction Blog is a great source for those event marketers interested in Q&A. Being in the modern marketing landscape, we all know how important asking questions to attendees is. Since now it is possible to access hundreds of event engagement buying signals, being able to run successful Q&As at events is important so event marketers can put on an even better event next time using attendee feedback. So check it out, you’ll learn a lot about Q&A best practices and how other marketers have utilized them.


TSNN, or Trade Show News Network, is an excellent source for industry news, insider tips, and a blog. Their blog also has valuable content, focused strictly on tradeshows and how event marketers can make them even better. If you are a trade show kind of marketer, this is a reliable source.

Event Marketing Strategies

If you’re into experiential marketing, look no further. They feature trends and insights into the world of experiential marketing. Each of their posts gives tips or suggestions on how to implement different innovations into your experiential marketing campaign. Such as movies, using seasons (fall, winter, spring, summer) as a way to raise awareness, or hiring an experiential marketing firm. Whatever your needs are in this industry, Event Marketing Strategies has you covered!


CEMA, Corporate Event Marketing Association, is an excellent source for corporate event marketers. They have a blog, which is a great place to get industry perspectives, keep up with other member’s news, and learn about what’s going on within the association. They provide white papers, sharing CEMA member’s marketing insights, press releases, and events. Visit their site, maybe you’ll want to become a member!


Bizzabo’s blog is a great place to visit when you’re trying to create a successful event(s). Their blog focuses on event marketing, event engagement, and event management all which have insightful information, tips and tricks, and educational posts.


Another good event app/event tech blog. Pathable offers valuable insight on the evolving event landscape, interesting posts focusing only on new technology and what it can do for event marketers and tips and tricks to adapting to this changing landscape. If event tech interests you, read this site.

marketing resources demandgen

Demand Generation

Demand Gen Report

Demand Gen Report is a great source for B2B Marketing news and trends, focusing closely on demand generation. They have articles and resources like e-books, guides, infographics, and a blog. Their blog is rich with content geared towards helping marketers and demand gen professionals navigate the event marketing landscape.

Revenue Engineer

Revenue Engineer is a blog written by Joe Gelata. He has over a decade of experience building revenue engines for both large and small companies across the B2B tech space. This blog’s content is based on real world experiences and seeks to provide B2B marketers and demand gen professionals with new and innovative points of view. Some blog posts include topics such as email testing, revenue operations, information on influencing buyer decisions, etc.


Mattermark focuses on finding emerging companies ready for investment and account targeting. Their blog is a great resource for demand generation profs wanting to learn more about targeting leads and breaking news and insights for lead scoring, ROI of lead gen activities, and other information in this industry.


Bizible is a great resource for those in pipeline marketing. They consistently have interesting content tailored towards demand generation, and all things pipeline. They also focus on tips and tricks for creating revenue-generating marketing strategies and other B2B marketing strategies.


Different from Demand Gen Report, DemandGen is a good resource for anything about marketing automation, demand generation, and martech. Their blog provides valuable insight into marketing automation, email marketing, and the demand funnel, among other things. Demand gen experts, make sure to stop by DemandGen’s blog for some great content.


ANNUITAS is a demand generation strategy firm focused on building and developing buyer-centric demand gen programs that help drive sustainable revenue. That being said, this is a prime source for any demand generation professional in the B2B space. Their posts don’t always consist of demand generation topics, which also makes it a great source for marketers in general. Categories include buyer personas, events, ABM, strategies, marketing enablement, etc. So, if you’re looking for a marketing resource that covers a little bit of everything, including demand generation strategies and tips, ANNUITAS is the place to go!

Demand Spring

Demand Spring is a demand generation consultancy, making their blog all about demand generation. Their blog, Pipeline Perspectives, gives rich insights and opinions on revenue marketing news, trends, and technology. It even gives the occasional Marketo tip, so if you’re using Marketo, utilize this resource!


PureB2B’s blog is all about Demand Generation Expertise. Their blog focuses on big data, lead generation, and metrics. If you’re a demand gen expert looking for great advice, tips and tricks, and opinions in the demand generation space, head over to PureB2B.

B2B Lead Blog

Brian Carroll has been well-known in the B2B marketing community and his blog is geared toward lead generation, demand generation, and B2B marketing ideas, tips, and free resources. For those demand generation professionals looking to gain valuable knowledge from a man who has been in the industry for years, read his blog and increase your pipeline

Spear Marketing

Spear Marketing’s blog, The Point, is a great place for B2B demand generation best practices and principles. Other categories include lead nurturing, marketing automation, and email marketing, but the primary focus is on demand generation.

So, that’s a wrap, folks!

Overall, keeping a relevant marketing resource library is tricky, so use this source to clean up your outdated resource library, and fill it with brand new, relevant resources for any marketing curiosity or need. Each of these sources can provide you with solid and insightful information about the marketing landscape that can improve your marketing, tweak your marketing strategies, or spark an interesting conversation with co-workers. I hope these resources can help you be a better marketer, event planner, or demand generation expert!

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