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Historically, event sponsors and exhibitors have suffered somewhat in the virtual event space – particularly when it comes to engaging with attendees. With the increased focus on virtual and hybrid events this year, it’s important for event professionals and marketers to consider how you can better accommodate your event sponsors’ needs. The key to ensuring they receive maximum value from your program will depend on how you promote audience engagement between them and event guests.

For event exhibitor and sponsor participation to remain strong, the cost of participating in an event must be justified – perhaps even more so with virtual and hybrid events. Event sponsors and exhibitors will only continue to pay for access to your programs if they can see a clear return on investment.

Certain’s newest virtual and hybrid event solution, Touchpoint Stream, offers a range of features that enable event sponsors and exhibitors to reach their lead generation goals more effectively. In one place, users can manage any resource, plan events, and gather engagement data simultaneously, making it convenient for them to use any resource necessary. Below are just a few of the ways that Touchpoint Stream helps to maximize value for event sponsors and exhibitors at virtual and hybrid events.

Virtual Audience Engagement

Contrary to what some event sponsors and exhibitors believe, there are many opportunities to capture a significant ROI from participating in an event with virtual attendees. In our recently published hybrid events playbook, we highlight some of the specific benefits of the virtual format, including easier event data collection and the ability to engage more deeply with a broader audience.

Deeper interaction and actionable insights collected from attendee touchpoints enhance lead generation activities and pave the way for future marketing campaigns and outreach. Some examples of audience engagement opportunities made possible by the features in Certain’s Touchpoint Stream application include:

  • Virtual Booths which can be used to highlight sponsors, exhibitors, and partners. These booths can include brand-aligned company descriptions, contact information, links to social media, videos, and more. Virtual booths offer vendors a direct way to attract and engage with attendees while enabling heightened brand exposure.
  • Digital Sponsor Pages are sponsor-specific hosted pages that enable attendees to discover and connect directly with event sponsors based on guests’ designated criteria.
  • 5-Minute Sponsored Sessions provide yet another high-value way for event sponsors and exhibitors to place their brands, services, and products in front of targeted virtual audiences. Brands can opt to sponsor a virtual session; at the end, they have an opportunity to present promotional content.
  • In-App Banner Ads further increase the number of ways brands can present to a captured virtual audience. For example, a sponsor’s banner may be seen every time a virtual attendee navigates to the homepage of the event website, app, or when they navigate the menu.

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Audience Engagement for In-Person Events

For hybrid events with an in-person component, event sponsors and exhibitors can take advantage of two specific Touchpoint Stream functions that simply and elegantly enhance attendees’ ability to engage with them.

  • Lead Retrieval utilizes Touchpoint Stream’s scan-and-capture feature to quickly gather sales leads for post-event follow-up. Event sponsors and exhibitors can scan an attendee’s badge within seconds and quickly add notes and a rating to qualify the lead right after they’ve met. This allows brand marketers to segment their leads in real-time for more accurate post-event follow-up.
  • Interactive Exhibitor Maps are another great tool that add value for sponsors and exhibitors; they allow attendees to quickly locate vendors they’d like to visit. These exhibitor maps generate more engagement than static or PDF maps since they offer a more engaging way for attendees to plot their journey.

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Audience Engagement for Both Virtual & In-Person

Whether your attendees are joining from home, the office, or in-person, there is no shortage of ways that they can both engage with your event sponsors – and each other – using Touchpoint Stream.

  • Gamification for Virtual & In-Person Audience Engagement

Various studies have shown that gamification is a productive way to tap into people’s natural competitive instincts. Our customer Oticon set record numbers for booth check-ins by utilizing our Touchpoint Stream app to apply gamification to the check-in process.

Encouraging healthy competition and offering engaging activities for attendees is a proven way to drive interactions and encourage target behaviors. Because it performs so well, you can almost regard gamification as low-hanging fruit. Another way that an app like Touchpoint can be used to push interactivity is by collecting survey feedback from attendees so that vendors know the impact of their presentations in real-time.

  • Start a Conversation and Keep it Going Throughout the Event

Touchpoint Stream’s activity feed and discussion board features allow event sponsors to engage with remote and onsite attendees in real-time throughout the event cycle. This includes building buzz before the event by promoting incentives or demos in the activity feed, and starting discussion boards based on relevant topics to help gain interest in your booth.

Exhibitors can take this a step further by dropping demo previews into the activity or video feed to entice guests to learn more.

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Digital Event Technology Means Greater Value

Event sponsors and exhibitors may have struggled in the past with embracing virtual and hybrid events, but not anymore. Today, with the power of digital event technology and event data capture, sponsors and exhibitors have an incredible amount of incentive to embrace these formats and grow their customer base.

Certain’s full-featured event management software makes it easy for event marketers to deliver a successful virtual or hybrid event. With the addition of Touchpoint Stream and its rich array of event engagement tools, you’re in a better position than ever to help sponsors and exhibitors reach their lead generation goals.

Let us show you how Touchpoint Stream can bring greater value to your next virtual or hybrid event. Contact us today for a free demo.

Marcela Ricci, Sr. Marketing Manager at Certain

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