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Oticon Drives Record Attendee Engagement with Touchpoint

Oticon, a leading hearing aid manufacturer, runs a number of audiology conferences across the globe annually to support their innovative and cutting-edge solutions to hearing loss.

Touchpoint is a differentiator for Oticon. It helps us grow our business because it sets us apart from other companies and allows us to provide an amazing attendee experience."

About Oticon

Company Size

Enterprise Organization

Key Products

Certain Touchpoint


Medical Devices

The Results

Record Attendee Engagement

Oticon dramatically increased attendee engagement with features like gamification and surveys, achieving a 97% in-event app download rate.

Incredible Booth Engagement

Touchpoint fostered increased engagement between attendees, partners and sponsors, resulting in over 3,100 booth check-ins.

The Challenge

Finding the Right Fit for an In-Event App

Oticon was looking for an event app that could support and promote their brand effectively at events, but after testing a number of event app solutions, they found the overall process of building the event app cumbersome and the attendee experience lacking.

The Solution

Working with Certain Touchpoint

Because they were already using Certain Platform for their event registration, Oticon decided to try Certain Touchpoint as their event app. From the start, they were thrilled with the end-to-end experience that Touchpoint was able to offer.

We found Touchpoint so intuitive and easy to use for both attendees & staff. Someone with no experience in Touchpoint was able to build an event in minutes."

The Transformation

A Single, Global Event Management Platform

Oticon saw a dramatic increase in attendee engagement through Touchpoint, reporting a more than 97% download rate for the app and record participation through features like gamification and surveys.

Oticon’s attendees were especially happy with features like:

  • Personalized agendas
  • Private, in-app messaging
  • Push notifications with event updates and scheduling changes— including flight status or ground transportation changes

Oticon's Success: In depth

Touchpoint really helps position Oticon as cutting-edge, and is integral and foundational for our event success.”


Wonderful Customer Experience

Another major benefit for Oticon was the Touchpoint customer experience. When Shakirah needed to consult an event app expert, she always found Certain’s service and support to be top notch.

“Everyone at Certain is willing to go the extra mile to help and really care. Their experts were incredibly responsive and even worked with me the weekend before one of our events.”

-Meeting Planner, Oticon


Personalizing the Attendee Experience

Oticon used Touchpoint to engage their attendees in a variety of ways, including

  • Pushing out video messages throughout the event
  • Utilizing the activity feed to help attendees connect both during and after the event

Touchpoint allowed Oticon to really personalize the attendee experience and connect in ways they hadn’t been able to with other event app solutions.


Record Engagement Across the Board​

Partners & Exhibitors also benefited from the increased engagement with attendees—there were over 3100 booth check-ins at this year’s conference, by far a record for the conference. Exhibitors at the event also captured record numbers of leads through Touchpoint.

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