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Have you ever struggled to get a clear view of your event programs and their impact on your business? Do you spend hours trying to analyze and prepare reports to prove your events ROI to management? If so, you’re not alone — 69% of marketers say that tracking ROI for events is their primary challenge according to a recent study by Aberdeen.

Today, marketing events generate large quantities of data but the data are often unstructured, unorganized and unwieldy, making it hard to gain any value from it. There are also limited insights on patterns of success for events, mainly because analyzing the event impact and measuring ROI is quite a tedious task. Companies often struggle with event data either being missing or captured in isolation. And even if their in-house BI organization finds the bandwidth, lack of event-specific data will be a challenge. It’s difficult to pull data together from different sources in a central place for a holistic performance view. It’s even more challenging to make sense of that data so you can act on it. But set your worries aside, Certain Event Intelligence was built to bridge this gap.

What is Certain Event Intelligence?

Certain Event Intelligence is a turn-key solution that transforms high-intent data across your global events into actionable insights—helping you create highly personalized attendee experiences that drive greater revenue. Powered by industry’s only real-time event data engine, Certain Event Intelligence continually collects, analyzes and extracts important insights from your events to enable you to visualize impact across your global events—all in one platform.

Built from the ground up to maximize events impact, Certain Event Intelligence allows you to seamlessly scale from relatively simple and small meetings to very large, multi-day, multi-track conferences. By identifying the patterns of your audience’s behavior, you can tell a complete story of your events, take important actions to boost revenue, and reduce the cost of managing events. Certain Event Intelligence enables you to:

  • Visualize, track, and optimize your global events (virtual, hybrid and in-person).
  • Offer personalized & highly engaging attendee experiences—at scale.
  • Take important actions to increase your event ROI.
  • Proactively continue to optimize and improve your sales and marketing strategies
  • Unify data across your entire event portfolio in one platform.
  • Empower everyone in your team to make data-driven decisions.

Curating Enterprise Data

It is often not possible to analyze high volume/high velocity data using traditional databases. Compromised data can negatively influence your decision making so you need a well-orchestrated pipelines to validate, transform, cleanse, enrich, catalog, check data quality and compliance. While analyzing across events, there will be inconsistencies in data capture. For example: an attendee question can be asked in different ways across events or interpreted differently. You need a turn-key, event-specific intelligent solution that offers insights into your events performance, without the need for support from your IT/data teams. Certain Event Intelligence will not only have all your data challenges addressed but will also protect your data with the highest levels of enterprise data security, privacy & compliance.

Data Refresh and Agility

To remain competitive, today’s businesses must strive for data agility. This term refers to being able to rapidly access and utilize data without barriers. The integrity of an enterprise’s collected data depends on data completeness, accuracy, consistency, relevancy, and refresh rate (data being constantly updated). Certain Event Intelligence ingests data from our event management system on a scheduled basis. It helps you contextualize the data, deduplicate, filter and stitch it together in a meaningful way.

Using Event Intelligence to Create Better Attendee Experiences

The event data you capture is just as important as the experience you create in order to tie results back to the business. How can you use data to drive your attendees to the next activity to move them along in your pipeline? Ultimately, your event strategy should focus on ways to increase your pipeline and contribute to your ROI. Using event data pro-actively to influence engagement, attendance, and buying decisions will help improve your attendee experience and overall participant satisfaction. As your technology partner, Certain Event Intelligence is flexible enough to scale, keeps up with your evolving business needs with specialized data visualization expertise.

Certain Event Intelligence offers a number of dynamic visualization features that help you get a better understanding of your events by helping you:

  • Analyze and compare the pace of registrations across events
  • See who will be attending your events and what they plan to do
  • Discover who engaged with you during the event & what topics were most engaging
  • Figure out what content should you share (live and on-demand)
  • Determine how many attendees should you expect & what business outcomes to forecast
  • Customize your visualizations to meet your unique needs using a dynamic user interface
  • Choose from one of our pre-built templates including executive, single event or multi-session event views

By identifying and understanding the patterns of your audience’s behavior and engagement, you can tell the full story of your global events, making all your campaigns stronger from event insights. Using insights, you can dynamically visualize behavioral data across your entire event portfolio for every event type and size, sparking meaningful engagement at every stage of your event. For example, send personalized offers to customize your post-event follow-up based on the sessions and content consumed data. These experiences create personalized, engaging events, driving your business forward.

Data is the difference between an event and an experience. By enabling you to provide highly personalized, truly engaging experiences backed by intent data, Certain is helping you not only deliver measurable outcomes, but transform what event success means for your business. Contact us today to learn how our event intelligence solutions can transform your high-intent event data into actionable insights.

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