The Hybrid Event Advantage

Virtual events will continue to remain an option due to a new distributed workforce (remote work), travel restrictions, or budget cuts. However, for many types of corporate events, there’s just no substitute for being in the same room with other people – the energy and creativity that come out of a shared experience are often hard to replicate virtually.

When asked if in-person events will return to pre-pandemic levels, a recent study revealed that 70% of responders predicted that they return in the near future. It’s safe to say that most in-person events will now have a virtual element; allowing participants to attend from anywhere, anytime. An hybrid event model is a perfect choice for organizations looking for a blend of both event types. In this blog, we highlight a few advantages of this event type.

Increased Reach and Attendance

There’s no denying that organizations that provide a virtual option to their event participants, can reach wider audiences considering both live and virtual audience. Additionally, this combination enables attendees who cannot be physically present at these locations, to join the event virtually via an online platform. Hybrid events also allows speakers from all over the world to present in your event from anywhere, any time.

Higher Engagement with Audiences

The addition of a virtual element to your event broadens your engagement opportunities with your audiences, not only during the event but in the weeks that follow. Virtual attendees can actively participate by commenting, asking questions, sharing, liking, and interacting with others. Joining these activities is not exclusively for remote participants, but for in-person attendees as well. It’s best to use an event app that will connect all attendees of the event.

Reduction of Event Costs

In-person events have significant costs. The more participants you have, the higher those costs. Hybrid events will help you save money by reducing the costs of travel, venue, catering, and other in-person related costs. When hosting hybrid events, the costs of the virtual segment is usually lower than the in-person component. And for the participants, joining virtually is cost-effective since all they need is a stable internet connection to join.

More Sponsorship Opportunities

Hybrid events tend to make sponsorship opportunities more available for different reasons. With the added virtual reach, there will be more attendees which makes your events more appealing to the sponsors. They too can easily join your events by setting up virtual event booths and/or present. In addition, a hybrid event allows you to have more sponsors, besides the ones for the event venue, due to the digital component of the event.

Flexibility of the Event

Lastly, hybrid events solve the issues around circumstances keep you from attending the event on a particular location. Unexpected setbacks, like Covid restrictions makes it challenging for a participant to guarantee their presence. If you are hosting a hybrid event, you & your participants will always have a back-up plan! You can also easily switch some of the in-person attendees to virtual should you need to reduce costs.

Hosting your Next Hybrid Event

Other benefits of having a hybrid event include easier access to data from in-person and remote attendees through surveys and pools; the opportunity to record your event and reuse it for distinct purposes; and provide security and safety for those attendees who are understandably concerned with Covid-19 and the restrictions imposed by their government.

Whether virtual, hybrid or in-person, Certain has the right technology and a dedicated team to help you host successful events that deliver business outcomes. We’ll help you make the most of your events and seamlessly measure the value delivered whether for a single meeting or your full event portfolio. Contact us today to speak with one of our event experts.

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