4 Ways to Drive Breakthrough Results from Events

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How to Leverage Event Best Practices to Drive Revenue from Events

How do you drive breakthrough results from your events? While many companies tend to focus on everything leading up to an event like driving registrations, managing logistics and doing event setup, you should always keep in mind the ultimate goal—delivering leads and generating demand. So with that in mind, and the events season starting in earnest, I thought I would share some best practices of how you can drive breakthrough results from your events program:

Capture more than just registration information.

You need to capture more than just contact and registration information from your event attendees to drive better-informed and higher results from your outreach. To deliver the value-based interactions that your attendees crave, you need to know more about them than what company they work for and their title. You need to know the sessions they have registered for and attended, the questions they’ve asked and how they have engaged via your event mobile application. You need to know how they have responded to polling and surveys throughout the event, what content tracks they associate themselves with and how they have engaged throughout. These are just a fraction of the buying signals that you should capture so you can personalize your outreach to your event attendees.

Don’t wait until after the event to engage with your attendees.

As you capture deeper and richer insights about your customers and prospects and how they engage with you pre, during and post event, you can then follow up in real-time with recommendations to drive a better experience. As an example, you might have a VIP who has registered to participate in sessions that are associated with an upsell & cross-sell track. Based on this interest, you can then trigger an email that recommends other sessions specific to an upsell & cross-sell track that don’t conflict with his or her schedule—true value add.

Find ways to more efficiently support events.

Look for opportunities to automate the processes that go into building an event. Leverage event technology that includes templates and ways to replicate pre-existing campaigns in your marketing automation system with the push of a button. If you have a 20-city roadshow event, you don’t want to have to create a new campaign for every single city. You need a way to automatically replicate the campaign and only change minor details specific to that city. You’ll be able to avoid the manual errors associated with having to continuously create new event campaigns and programs. Once you’ve realized these efficiency gains, you’ll be able to re-allocate your resources to higher value activities. They will definitely thank you for it!

Consistently measure results, optimize, and repeat.

For any events you run, you should not only monitor registration details in real-time, but also be able to measure the success of the campaigns that engage your event attendees pre, during and post event. How easily can you quantify the ROI? Closely monitor the status of standard marketing automation statistics such as open rate, click through rate, and conversions not only post the event, but pre and during as well. Ultimately this will help you do better, more targeted lead scoring and run more effective events.

As you kick off your events season, (if you haven’t already), be self-critical about ways that you can improve how you engage with your customers and prospects, and ultimately how you can drive a better return.

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