EventStream: The Demand Generation Holy Grail

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How EventStream Enables You to Dream It, Build It, Launch It

I’ll admit it. I’m a marketing technology geek. I’m always on the lookout for the latest cool, innovative technologies that can help my demand generation and marketing team become even more productive and successful.

That’s why when I recently came onboard here at Certain, I was extremely excited to learn more about a large part of the marketing tech landscape I was previously unfamiliar with—Event Automation.

What attracted me to Event Automation (or helped me scratch my marketing geek itch) is the cutting-edge work that Certain is doing to capture and digitize buying signals from events. The platform is not only capturing the data but also enabling companies to use these insights to increase attendee engagement in real-time.

Having both attended and supported the production of events, I understand the value in being able to send and receive a highly relevant email based on attendee engagement. Imagine being able to engage one of your event attendees with an email that recommends a specific session based on other sessions she has attended. Or being able to send a highly personalized email to a prospect based on how he interacted with you at your booth.

It’s really the marketer’s Holy Grail — the right message at exactly the right time.

What excites me, as a marketer, is recommending highly personalized and tailored content and messages based on where a customer is in their lifecycle or where a prospect is in the buying cycle.

And then there’s that nagging, fundamental question of tracking ROI from your events. Marketing, sales, customer success, and executive teams are constantly asking, ‘So what sort of return did we see from that event?’ In my experience, an answer to this question is typically hard to pin down and still just as qualitative as it is quantitative. But Certain is focused on helping companies track and measure the success of their events definitively, so you can immediately provide an answer to that tricky ROI question.

In fact, we just launched Certain Oracle® Eloqua Edition with EventStream, the first Event Automation platform allowing complete, bi-directional integration and real-time marketing from an application within Oracle Eloqua. EventStream natively integrates with Eloqua and sits within the Eloqua canvas so marketers don’t even have to leave Eloqua when building and managing their event campaigns.

I’m especially excited about the EventStream application because I know firsthand how difficult it is to build and launch event campaigns. I’ve felt the pain of the manual labor that is often required to pull data from disparate systems to ultimately engage event attendees. EventStream eliminates the headaches and the time spent in spreadsheets as well as doing manual data pulls.

EventStream’s templating feature enables marketers to replicate event campaigns in Eloqua quickly and easily. Let’s say you have a product roadshow event hitting 15 different cities across the globe in the next six months. With EventStream, you can build the campaign template for the first roadshow and automatically replicate it for the next 14 events with the push of a button.

And that’s just the beginning. From a marketer’s point of view, I’m finding a lot to geek out about here at Certain. It’s high-time that events are digitized and seamlessly integrated with marketing automation. Having access to all of your event data and campaigns in one place should get most marketers fired-up.

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