5 Steps to Successful Post-Event Follow Up

post event follow up

To attract the right audiences, you spend numerous hours pre-planning, organizing, and executing your event. Your event ends, but you’re far from finished! There’s still work to be done to ensure you meet your event’s objectives, whether they’re to increase sales, revenue, engagement, or brand awareness. In fact, a study by Event Track found that 84% of event attendees say that they have a more positive opinion about a company, brand, or product being promoted after the event occurs. That’s why it’s important to not only keep in contact with attendees throughout the event journey, but to follow up stay personalized and relevant information.

When planning your engagement strategy, a common pitfall is avoiding the post-event engagement strategy. Follow-up emails or direct messages with calls to action, or even recap posts from events are important steps in keeping the event—and your brand—alive in the minds of attendees, as well as accelerating sales cycles. Here are the steps to successfully following up with attendees after an event:

  1. Send a Personalized Thank You Message

    Attendees attend your event during their busy schedule, so thank them for their attendance and participation (it’s also a good chance to reconnect with them). Event marketing integration is a great tool to help personalize emails for every individual. Send a brief follow-up email immediately after the event — you’ll be shocked how far this modest effort will go. In addition, it’s a good idea to give a quick overview of the event’s topic to remind attendees of the value they obtained and to motivate them to attend future events. The key is to ensure you are following up while the momentum is still going. This means before your attendees can tweet “Thanks for another awesome event!”, you already have an email headed their way!

  2. Conduct a Post-Event Survey

    Send your guests a post-event survey to get input on the event. Learn what works, what doesn’t, what were some of your attendees’ favorite moments, and so on. This way, you’ll be able to improve your next event. Send a post-event survey with your initial follow up message or after it to get your attendees’ attention. Also, adding incentives, like a discount code or free samples makes attendees more likely to fill out post-event surveys.

  3. Post Marketing Material and Photos from the Event

    What happens at your events should stay at your events. With a post-event page, your visitors can replay the full experience— just change and add to the event webpage or social media page you have made. Highlight all aspects of the event, including the speakers, the food and beverages, the entertainers, the awards, and so on. For those attendees who’ve shown greater intent (perhaps they’ve attended more than one of your events), you’ll want to follow up with more than just an email. Share marketing assets with them through your social media networks. One of the most effective methods to maintain high levels of engagement, increase excitement, and expand your reach is to provide details before, during, and after your event.

  4. Share Content with Your Attendees On-Demand

    Sending any information that is relevant to the event is a great method to engage your attendees. A great way to connect to all who signed up for your event (even if they didn’t get to attend) is to make your event available to them as “on-demand”. A good rule of thumb is to develop material that you can utilize as a touchpoint later. If there is any information discussed during the event, such as decks or films, your participants welcome receiving it in their mailbox as well. As you share additional resources available from your company, schedule 1-on-1 meetings for a more detailed discussion with hot lead attendees.

  5. Invite Attendees to the Next Event

    Do you have another event planned that is comparable to the one the attendees just participated in? This is a fantastic time to capitalize on the excitement generated by your most recent event and get people eager for your next one.

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As an event planner you see the depth of information and insight that accumulates by the end of your events. Use these insights about the sessions your prospects have attended, upcoming events they have signed up, the exhibits they visited and the reactions they had to each to design personalized and meaningful post-event follow ups. The easiest way to streamline this process is to automate, pre-build and replicate dynamic campaigns that trigger personalized follow-up based on how your attendee engaged with you.

Looking for new ways to drive demand to your events and personalize engagement with your attendees? Contact one of our event experts today to learn more about how Certain can help!

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