5 Key Trends for Event Planners

When planning events in a changing world, event organizers have a lot to consider in order for their events to be successfully executed. Planning multi-day, multi-session global event programs with varying formats and sizes add more to the challenge. It is important for event planners to have the flexibility to modify plans if needed. In this blog, we are sharing five trends that data-driven event planner use to create successful events that provide audiences with a dynamic experience and a lasting impression.

  1. Shifting the Focus to Create Outstanding Attendee Experiences

    Creating an amazing attendee experience is key to creating successful events. Event participants who are your potential buyers are looking more for “experiences” rather than your content. You want them to walk away from your events with a “memorable” experience rather than feeding them the information on your agenda.

    They need to able to participate in the conversation, engage with the speaker and other participants, and be able to ask you questions. Leveraging tools like live chat, gamification, polls and surveys to encourage audience engagement can help connect with your virtual audiences while collecting valuable feedback. Turn your in-person events from one-directional lectures to interactive experiences using break-out sessions, raffle contests and mobile-app games.

  2. Offering Highly Personalized and Engaging Events to Increase Audience Engagement

    Personalized content that’s relevant to each of your audience type is proven to result in more engagement and a higher rate of lead conversion. Today, attendees expect more—more than just their name tags and/or an email greeting addressing them by their name. Participants’ needs should dictate your event planning process.

    For example, they want flexibility to consume your content at a later date or time. One way to better understand your participants is using a pre-event survey that allows participants to answer a few brief questions assists in connecting with your attendees. Tailor their experience based on the most desired components that help increase their interest. A post-event survey is also a fantastic way to start planning for your next event!

    Event planners can use technology to their advantage. Mobile apps and websites are wonderful places to hold details of your event and connect with attendees anywhere, anytime.

  3. Using Hybrid Events to Align Virtual and In-Person Attendee Experiences

    Even when we see the world begin to re-open, some attendees are still hesitant to venture out. Your events need to lend itself to both in-person and virtual audiences. By organizing hybrid events, you can expand your audience globally, save costs, closely track your audience behaviors and interests, and drive greater revenue from your events.

    Event management and intelligence software are beneficial in incorporating a hybrid model in your events. Look for creative ways to bridge the gap between your in-person and your virtual experience.

  4. Connecting Events to Results

    To support new and recurring trends in 2022, integration is a valuable tool for organization. With integration, connect tools and platform together to create seamless and enjoyable event experiences. Event planners can use integration to enhance the personalization of events. By integrating data, you can ensure data from across your technology stack is all together, so you get a more holistic view of your attendees. Incorporating this data delivers credible event ROI.

  5. Choosing a Data-driven Event Technology

    The event industry is shifting focus from solely the event logistics to more sophisticated and insight-driven way of event management. Making sense of the event data is the key to generating greater revenue.

    With a comprehensive event management technology system, you can control the entirety of an event from registration and attendance, marketing, engagement, integration of platforms, physical planning and preparation, reporting and analytics, and more. The use of event technology is becoming widespread and a key ingredient for event success.

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