What GDPR Means for Event Marketers

The go-live date for upcoming European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is right around the corner. After May 25th, U.S. event marketers will be expected to know how this will affect the ways that they are managing and collecting data in Europe, and examine their current practices to become compliant before the regulation goes into effect.

U.S. marketers need a clear strategy on how they can continue to capture relevant and personalized data on customers and prospects, while playing by the rules of the continuously changing game. For event marketers, the GDPR impacts how data is collected pre-event, during and post-event through registration forms, surveys, polls, on mobile devices, etc. The use of personal registration data (name, address, age, etc.), and educational session data for analytics and future conference preferences – even down to attendee’s food preferences – will all be affected.

For event marketers and companies that operate in multiple countries, data management will vary across region from how data is collected (with or without consent), where it’s stored (in physical data centers vs. in the cloud) and how data is protected overall. Data will be tightly integrated with the success of a company’s marketing efforts. For now, the immediate concern for marketers is to continue to capture relevant data and stay compliant however they can.

For more about the global impact of GDPR for marketers , check out our CEO, Peter Micciche’s byline in AdExhanger,

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